Leipzig: A Just Intonation Library

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Leipzig is a Just Intonation library written in Java. Leipzig makes it easy for a programmer writing a music application to experiment with Just Intonation tunings, thus freeing him from the conventional equal temperament tuning system.




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api.leipzigapi.leipzig is a project that help to get several information about leipzig. jdedunI began to write a java libary for the api.leipzig rest interface. Its called jdedun. I got the name from the python-client for apileipzig dedun written by Markus Zapke-Gründemann. Thanks for the name :) The jdedun project is for read-only using atm! It is not possible to write your own contend into the apileipzig project For some implementation example visit usage This libary is used in the Mediahandb

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A java project that solve the np-hard vehicle routing problem with the help of a evolutionary algorithm What is it for (at the time)The project is for the seminar evolutionary algorithm from the college HTWK Leipzig in Germany. I have to submit this project in mid of february. Till the 18.02 I will only work on the output and the algorithm, because I needed the data for the seminar. It is a very early version for testing only online. The future stepsThe next steps will be to restructure the code

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The HTWKAidStation shows schedules and the menu of local mensae in Leipzig, Germany.

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wagoinle The project name is short for "whats going on in leizig" api.leipzigAPI.LEIPZIG is a project that help to get several information about leipzig. The jdedun project moved to jdedun For more information take a look at the wiki importantNo one guaranties for the correctness of the data. some data errors are possible.