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Miscellaneous software from Progeny Linux Systems



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Codetrunk - Snippet sharing and debugging tool is a platform for sharing code snippets with friends, co-workers, pepole on irc channels and, in fact, with everyone on the Internet. Codetrunk is my little project for making a better pastebin, with the abbility of commenting on trunks (or bins), revising and so on. The main idea was to implement a better syntax highlighter (SyntaxHighlighter) with a prettier (but heavier) interface, something which pastebin was lacking. Codetrunk is also an effort of mine to improve my php coding

Stringencoders - A collection of high performance c-string transformations

A collection of high performance c-string transformations, frequently 2x faster than standard implementations (if they exist at all). including base64, standard base64, web/url safe, with configurable alphabet base85 (good for http cookies) base16 (hex) base2 (ascii binary) url escaping javascript string escaping fast number to string conversion, 4-22x faster than sprintf! fast ascii upper/lower case conversion, 2-66x faster than stdlib! (yes, 66x faster) And it's all wrapped up in a bow for you

Django-modelhistory - Versioned Django Models

Revision Support for Django ModelsMotivationThe 'fullhistory' branch has been lying dormant for a few months it seems (at least no commits to the django hosted branch) - so I've recently updated and implemented leftover functionality in a modified version of the branch. DisclaimersThis code has been tested and should work with django trunk (last tested r5546) and is likely to have some backwards-incompatibility (I haven't tested it) with 0.96 or earlier, though feedback on this issue is welcome.

Psynco - A utility to synchronize all or parts of your mp3 collection to your pmps.

PsyncoThe problemIf you, like me, have several mp3 players you might be having issues deciding what music to keep on what player. The mp3 players having different capacity doesn't help. Myself, I got a pmp (a Zen with 16GB of storage), a phone (with 4GB of storage) and a GPS with a leftover 1GB SD card. The solutionspsynco helps you. You create dot-files in each folder you want synchronized. You might create a .pmpsync in each folder you want to exist on your pmp and a .gpssync in the folders yo

Xkcdbashdownloader - Download multiple comics from using bash

xkcd is not owned, maintained, operated, etc. by myself or by any contributors to this project. xkcdbashdownloader is a bash script (for use in Linux and possibly other *nix systems) that can download the entire archive of xkcd comics from (or just a select range of comics) and rename them for you in numerical order, including the usually witty mouseover text. Version 0.3 is available as of Oct 14, 2009! Check the sidebar to the right. Using the script: First off, you probably want to u

Sandbox-theme - A WordPress theme rich with powerful, dynamic semantic class selectors

Available VersionsThe latest release is Sandbox 1.6.1 for WordPress. The legacy release for WP 2.0.x users is Sandbox 0.9.x. If you are checking out the Sandbox, please note that \\trunk releases may be unstable. The latest tagged release in the \\tags folder is otherwise your best bet. About the SandboxThe Sandbox is a theme for themers. It has the ability to be easily skinned, so beginners will feel comfortable styling it since they only need to know CSS. More experienced designers will drool

Deputyguldo - winner

Rules: Ladder Match, Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause, Evasion Clause, Species Clause, Strict Damage Clause Fuhret sent out Ho-oh (lvl 100 Ho-oh). DEPUTYGULDO sent out Hippopotas (lvl 100 Hippopotas ?). Ho-oh is exerting its pressure! Hippopotas's Sand Stream whipped up a sandstorm! A sandstorm brewed! Ho-oh used Sacred Fire. Ho-oh's attack missed! Hippopotas used Stealth Rock. Pointed stones float in the air around the foe's team! The sandstorm rages. Ho-oh is buffetted by the sandstorm

Android1.0 - Some leftovers from Android 1.0 tutorial series

Some leftovers from Android 1.0 tutorial series

Java1.0 - Some leftovers from Java 1.0 tutorial series

Some leftovers from Java 1.0 tutorial series