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LeftHand is a fast, transactional web-based application server and development environment for business applications.




Related Projects

Lord-of-ultima-tools - Tools for the Lord of Ultima browser MMO

A combat calculator for Lord of Ultima. Input all of your available troops for raiding into the lefthand column, input the number of enemies you expect to encounter in the central column, press "Calculate", and the recommendation of how many to send will appear on the right. Once you've sent the units (and so have fewer troops available), press "Send Units" to update your unit counts and recalculate for another raid. Download here.

As3scriptinglib - Library for compiling and executing runtime (dynamic) ActionScript 3/ECMAScript

This library aims to provide an API for compiling and executing runtime ActionScript/JavaScript within the Flash client (no server required) via Adobe's ECMAScript 4 compiler (from the Tamarin project). Examples for Flex and Flash are included in the zip. In its current state, it can: Compile AS3/JavaScript at runtime within the Flash Player Execute compiled code in the scope of any object Control which classes and functions are exposed to the script domain Please note: there are currently sever

Org-startup - This is a simple dot el code to add variables that can be customized in orgmode and ma

This is going to make and show a start-up inbox for refiling on the left-hand side and a determined number of days and a version of the agenda on the right. At least for the beginning.

Kinectwinlib - A Win32 C++ library based on Kinect Windows SDK

Introduction:KinectWinLib is a C++ Win32 library based on Kinect Windows SDK that aims to implement gesture controls for Windows 7. This is still a work-in-progress. Source:Check-out code using any SVN client from http://kinectwinlib.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/. It contains source code of library KinectWinLib and a sample application KinectWinLibTester. Currently implemented:Control mouse cursor through left-hand gesture. Recognize left-hand gesture: Horizontal wave, left to right Horizontal wave,

Rhino3d-aliases - Custom keyboard shortcut aliases profile setup for McNeel Rhinoceros 3D modelling

ProjectThis project is simply a list of custom keyboard Aliases that can be imported into McNeel Rhinoceros 3D modeling software. The goal of these shortcuts is productivity and ease of use by using fast command line alias instead of the UI button icons. The aliases are linked to the actual script command, and aim to only use left-hand commands in order that the right hand can always stay on a mouse. OwnerCreated by Darrel Ronald at Open Form Architecture (Montréal, Canada) File IncludesShortcu

Httprof - HTTP Profiler that shows you where your site/application is causing too much network traff

HTTP Profiler (httprof) is a simple program that summarizes packet traces of HTTP traffic, to highlight performance problems caused by excessive network traffic. Many web sites and applications cost more than they should, due to unoptimized network behavior. The original goal of httprof was to help people understand that, of all the costs their application incurs, the cost of TLS or SSL (HTTPS) is relatively low. However, it is useful for network profiling generally. The code is now available vi

Osec - OpenSocial Enterprise Container

The MITRE Corporation's lightweight, enterprise OpenSocial container. Announcements07/12/2011 - The OSEC team has donated our codebase to the new Apache Rave (incubating) project and are now actively participating in the Rave development process. The goal of Apache Rave is to become the reference implementation for a lightweight widget portal and to unify the efforts of multiple existing open-source projects, such as OSEC. As we are spending our development time on Apache Rave, we will not be up

Pidgin-sendscreenshot - Take a screenshot and send it to a buddy.

Send Screenshot is a third-party plugin for Pidgin IM clientCurrent version is 0.8-3 (08/07/10). Linux users, please have a look at the Distributions wiki page. If you use Pidgin Portable for Windows, you may want to download the zip archive and extract its contents to: Drive:\\\\PidginPortabe\\App. Comments and suggestions are very welcomed ! FeaturesTake a screenshot and send it as a: file, image (only enabled by some protocols). Alternatively, send the url of your screenshot after uploading i

Swapmouse - A very small Windows (XP, Vista) utility to swap the mouse from 'left-handed' to

I often swap mousing sides throughout the day to give my hands a break. I find the control panel route to be annoying, and other utilities to be just too complicated for such a simple task. All this program does is swap the left and right mouse buttons then it exits. No installation, no windows, no dialog boxes, no options, no tray icons. It has been tested on both Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista. I have selected the GPL only because something like Creative Commons was not available in the list

Rtwtools - Tools for the ENVI image processing environment, created by Robin Wilson

This project contains various utilities and tools that I created for use with ENVI (a piece of remote-sensing image processing software) while doing my undergraduate dissertation at the University of Southampton. Features:RTWTools contains various tools to do useful things within the ENVI environment. It includes tools to: Calculate Spatial Statistics (Getis-Ord and Coefficient of Variation) Calculate 3D surface area from a DEM Shrink ROIs by one pixel or translate them by x and y co-ordinates T