LEET (LEET Enhances Exploratory Testing)

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LEET is a capture-replay tool based on Microsoft’s User Interface Automation Framework. It is targeted at agile teams, and provides support for user interface test-driven development (UITDD). Use in conjunction with: http://ActiveStoryEnhanced.codeplex.com




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1337-Generator converts normal plaintext into leettext. Leet configuration will be added in one of the next releases.

Leetwit - A console based twitter client, for us leet command line cowboys.

A full fledged twitter client, supporting friend timelines and sending updates, all running in a shell. Written in Ruby. Requires twitter4r. This page is no longer updated. Head to github to see the latest source and news on the project. http://github.com/terrbear/leetwit/wikis

Seekerclass - Seeker is a PHP class that lets you search text files from the CLI

PurposeAt my work we are sent hundreds of fixed length text files containing data about cars. There are times when we need to find and reprocess at least some of the data we are sent. Searching by hand for these records is a pain. So I wrote a php script to make my life easier.


leetIRC is a freeware Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client designed for maximum functionality on older/obsolete systems running MS-DOS or 100% compatible OS (win32 port also, soon). Main features include drop-down menus, DCC file receive, mIRC color/bold cod

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Authmediawiki - MediaWiki extension that allows authentication via a phpBB/SMF or AD user database.

This extension will allow MediaWiki to use your phpBB/SMF or Active Directory user database for authentication. It allows for your MediaWiki database and user database to be hosted independent of each other. Allows you to restrict adding/editing/logging into the wiki via a phpBB/SMF user group. The Active Directory extension allows for simple sign-on. Requires IIS and NTFS permissions. This plugin is very different then the phpBB/SMF versions. It made more sense to put all three into one project

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PhenixBlaze's SVNThis SVN repository contains lua and Expression2 codes pertaining to Garry's Mod. Members:Fair PhenixBlaze leet jeep sklz iownuall

Kwnektz - A little leet community created for a series of school assignments.

Required librariesJava Server Faces 2.0 JSTL 1.1+ MySQL JDBC Driver 5.1.X Hibernate JPA EJB 3.0+ DescriptionLab 1 (deadline Nov 12)Get started with Java Server Faces by creating a simple community. First levelCreate the views using JSF. DONE Users should be able to register. DONE Users should have a personal page with user information. DONE Users should have personal guestbooks. DONE Users should be able to search for other users so they can write in their guestbooks. DONE Second levelUsers shou