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A small text editor, providing a number of the useful programming features found in larger editors, but hopefully with less bloat.




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Dotmatrix-editor - LCD/LED font and bitmap editor

Perl/GTK based editor for LCD/LED fonts and bitmaps. Useful for rapid development (editing/writing) of C arrays to be used in firmwares of embedded platform using dot matrix LCD or LED displays.

leds - Light editor for D

leds is a light source code editor for the D language. Build on D with DUI (a binding to GTK+) and Scintilla. leds is available for Linux (Windows version just days away). leds supports: syntax highlight, project management, code browser, and more

led (LDAP Editor)

Led is a general purpose LDAP editor which allows editing of LDIF records or standard unix flat file representations of LDAP databases using your favorite editor.

Mashup-led-bruno-siagro - MashupSiagroLocais

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Mashup-led-bruno-zambas - Google Samples Video

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Pirozek-yaps - Yet Another Plugin System

Yet another plugin system for php with minimalistic core. Everything is a plugin :) Changelog--------------------------------- Added new function for datagrid -> show_only- Fixed bug in datagrid when showing empty table- Bugfixes in theme, core, admin and gallery :)- Added new theme - Regeneracy- Added brand new feature to core - routing table for urls (allowing you toshorten /page-show-1-author to /author)- Routing table integrated to page plugin- Added new plugin - phpinfo, just phpinfo(); :)-

Nepaliwikipediatranslator - Nepali Wikipedia Translator finds and replaces strings so that you can t

Hindi to Nepali TranslatorThis is a software which lets you translate text from Hindi to Nepali. English to Nepali translationStep 1: You can translate your English text to Hindi using Google translator Step 2: You can translate the Hindi result to Nepali using this software There is no direct translation from English to Nepali as of now. If you are interested in this project please let me know --- This project is also available at the Subversion, you can also download it from Subversion and bui

Openhyper - HyperIris' open source projects

HyperIris' open source projects. code is mess but maybe useful. XD Project list: JunkRemove: a new IDA plugin, see JunkRemove.txt in source. gekkoPS: is a Gekko CPU Paired Single extension instructions plug-in for IDA Pro 5.2. WiiView: is a Wii ISO GUI viewer with direct file extract. LBM: is <Lattice Boltzmann Method : Theory and Applications, He Yaling 2009> sample code input by me. LED: is Latex Editor chinese localization in process.

Rainbowduino-firmware - Rainbowduino Firmware 3

Rainbowduino Firmware 3A new firmware for RainbowduinoThis firmware goes beyond the actual firmware v2.0beta (RaibowduinoCMD_Bata) delivered with the hardware. It implements a proper command architecture to control the led matrix display. Main Featuresdouble-buffering synced with refresh rate 4 auxiliary buffers hi-level instruction set multiple controlled hardware I2C communication protocol permanent data storage in Eprom DownloadThe latest version is 3.0h released on June 8th, 2010. Download:

Oryx-editor - Web-based Graphical Business Process Editor.

Oryx EditorOryx is a web-based editor for modeling business processes in various modeling languages like BPMN or EPC. You can create models and share them with your business partners, clients and friends. You may not only share a model with your colleagues, but discuss and improve it within one working environment. Thus, Oryx brings all the advantages of Web 2.0 into the world of modeling. To start modeling you need zero installation–your model is just one click away. Oryx is an open platform