Least Squares Implementation in C#

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Least Squares Implementation in C#




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Object-oriented Scientific Computing Lib

An object-oriented library for scientific computing in C++.

Lattice-adaptive-filters-dyplom - Filtracja adaptacyjna, algorytmy GAL oraz LSL

Kody do pracy magisterskiejGradient Adaptive Lattice and Least-Squares LatticeMatlab, C, CudaC

Square-root - This software plot graph of the Least Squares

Este software realiza o cálculo dos mínimos quadrados para uma função polinomial até o grau 6 e plota a curva encontrada. # Changelog: #1 30/05/2010 - Project created.

Optimal - Code for Gauss-Newton and Conjugate Gradient inversion and optimization

In my geophysical work, I rely heavily upon ageneralized inversion algorithm calledGauss-Newton optimization. The Gauss-Newtonmethod minimizes objective functions that canbe iteratively approximated by quadratics.This approach is particularly appropriate forleast-squares inversions of moderatelynon-linear transforms. The package alsocontains code for conjugate-gradient andline-search optimizations.Over two decades I have implemented thispackage four times, in four differentprogramming languages.

Fitnewton - library for data-fitting and function minimization

This library is used to minimize user-defined smooth functions using a modified Newton's method, with the gradient and hessian matrix calculated analytically. It provides a class to perform least-squares fits of such functions to data. This class can divy up the data to multiple threads. Matrix operations are done using the Eigen library. Multithreading support is provided by libseamstress.

Blendenpik - A fast solver of dense rectangular dense linear equations (least squares or under-deter

This MATLAB library implements a randomized algorithm for solving the least-squares equation x = arg min norm(A x - b, 2) or the underdetermined system min(norm(x, 2)) s.t. Ax=b. With high probability the running is o(mn^2) for an m-by-n matrix. For details of the solver see the paper at: Blendenpik: Supercharging LAPACK's least-squares solver. Authors: Haim Avron, Petar Maymounkov, and Sivan Toledo. To build FFTW and/or SPIRAL WHT is needed. Extract the files and write install_blendenpik.

Goniometer-calibration - An Octave-based project

This is a project to estimate a single line that most closely approximates the intersection of several planes. It is applied to the problem of calibrating a goniometer. Written primarily in GNU Octave.

Hazard-detection - Reconstruction of depth maps from stereo image pairs

Initially a project to create depth maps from stereo image pairs, this has expanded to identify and categorise hazards within the depth maps and plot a safe course.

Xpal - X-Ray Powder Analysis Library

X-Ray Powder Analysis Library is a C++ library containing helpful classes and analysis functions for x-ray diffraction analysis of powder samples. Includes optimized refinement methods for performing variable analysis such as size-strain, structure, etc. Currently under development. When the first release is complete it will contain only tools for size-strain and structure analysis. Also contains classes that allow the import of .xrdml data files and export as .csv and .txt files. The ImportIO a

Rsclastools - IDL code for generation of basic canopy and terrain products from discrete-return lida

RSC LAS ToolsCurrent version: 1.9.2 (Modification history) RSC LAS ToolsDESCRIPTIONFUNCTIONALITYINSTALLATION AND USEDEPENDENCIESTROUBLESHOOTINGREFERENCES DESCRIPTIONSome IDL routines were written pre-2005 for command-line processing of ASCII Optech ALTM 3025 Lidar data in time-sequential format. Subsequent use of these routines for other projects resulted in the development of a GUI interface and support for LAS format files. This software is not actively developed and better tools now exist for