The Plone LearningObject

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LearningObject is a Plone Product providing features to store/index pedagogic documents in a Plone site.



Related Projects

Lora - Architecture oriented towards the management of learning objects repositories.

Architecture oriented towards the management of learning objects repositories.

Obai - Objetos de Aprendizagem Interoperáveis

Projeto destinado à aplicação do servidor de objetos interoperáveis

Eclidoolel - A LCMS Project for open source e-learning platform

EclidooleL is a LCMS (Learning Content Management System). EclidooleL wants to create/reuse a Scorm Package (it uses SCORM 2004) by using the Eclipse platform. This software is a part of a huge Project named "Eclidoole" ( It was born at the Faculty of Computer Engineering of the University of Naples "Federico II", Italy, by an idea of Professor Paolo Maresca and Doctor Nicola Savino. This project was created by Antonio Buonanno

Lov - LOV - Learning Objects for Visualizations

Learning Objects (LO) are small, self-contained and reusable resources for learning. LOV is a set of learning objects for introductory Java programming. There are 8-9 LOs for each of five topics: arrays, control structures, methods, inheritance and constructors. The LOs are based on the Jeliot program animation system They consist of Java code for each LO together with text describing the concept, the animation of the program that demonstrates the concept and ex

Lessonmapper2 - Authoring Tool for Learning-Object-based Lesson Graphs

LessonMapper2 (LM2) is a tool for authoring lessons defined as graph of learning objects. LM2 facilitates the authoring of metadata for the lesson graph elements. It also seamlessly integrates the access to a learning-object repository.

Csdlo - Combined Search and Delivery of Learning Objects

University of New BrunswickSWE4040 - Final Project

Loman - Learning Object Build Management

This is a software to manage Learning Objects construction.

Lojel - Integrating visualization software into learning objects

This program is a program demonstration of how visualization software, in this case Jeliot, can be integrated into Learning Objects

Visualed - Objeto de Aprendizagem para o ensino de Estruturas de Dados.

Software que permite o professor representar graficamente as estruturas de dados.

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