LEAP Motion Controller Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2010/2013 (C#)

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LEAP Motion Controller Add-ins for Microsoft Office 2010/2013 a simple start. Feel free to join the proejct / send me feature ideas / requests / bug reports




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Cain performs stochastic and deterministic simulations of chemical reactions. Cain offers optimized versions of the Gillespie's direct method, Gibson and Bruck's next reaction method, tau-leaping, ODE integration, and direct/tau-leaping hybrid methods.

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Leap-php 的目标是使用最简短的代�,最少的时间,完�需�的所有需求

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Leap Motion C# client library

This is a C# library to work with the Leap.


LEAP is an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) implementing the relational Algebra - a core part of relational database theory. It is primarily used as an educational tool, but has found some novel uses and applications.


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Leap Motion controlled harp application

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Leaps PHP Framework 是一个性能卓越并且功能丰富的轻量级PHP开发框架,宗旨就是让WEB应用开发更简单、更快速。

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