Lisp Development Tools

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Tools for development in Lisp: - A packaging tool to make sharing your lisp applications easier. - A Common Lisp Integrated Development Environment (IDE) plugin for the Eclipse platform.



Related Projects

Oark - The Open Source Anti Rootkit

oark - The Open Source Anti Rootkit aims to help ordinary computer users gain an understanding of rootkit information, detection and indentification. A rootkit is software that enables continued privileged access to a computer, while actively hiding its presence from administrators by subverting standard operating system functionality or other applications. Once a rootkit is installed, it allows an attacker to mask the active intrusion and to maintain privileged access to a computer by circumven

ldt - Linux Driver Template

Linux Driver Template

chuanplus LDT

This project is for ChuanPlus company used only

Dtdumper - GDT LDT IDT table dumper

(This is ancient and awful code, uploaded here for archiving purposes, you probably don't want to use this) This small utility can dump your GDT, LDT and IDT descriptor tables and detect your version of VMware/Xen/Kqemu.

S88 / S88-N to USB Computer interface compatible with LDT HSI-88

S88 / S88-N to USB Computer interface compatible with LDT HSI-88. The hardware is based upon a reference board for the AT90USB162 microcontroller from Atmel made by Olimex.

Linsterkernel - 32-bit protected-Mode Kernel with small GUI

This OS is a 32-bit protected-mode monolithic kernel with a 640x480 vesa GUI. With this Kernel, I plan to learn about the nuances of the x86 architecture, and finally put my knowlege of the GDT and LDT to use. My kernel will be extensively tested to run on a Compaq Contura 420 (486 Dx4) , which would be my main testing environment

Cpumonitor - Monitoring Real Multi-processor (or HT) Systems

    The CPU Monitor driver & User Application is designed as a final project in the Microcomputers course , taught on spring semester 2006 in the Electrical Engineerind department ,Technion .The project is implemented in Linux and supports Multi Prosessor Systems ( SMP ) .    The CPU Monitor driver enables tracing the system's processors – reading their registers , and watching the exception/traps occurancies on each one of them in real time . As an extra feature the driver inables reading the

Coffee-os - Working OS based off of Free Pascal compiler

A stable linux-based operating system built on FreePascal(and similar code). Borland code it seems is not needed nor easily blended in. Licensed GPLv3 and Modified BSD licensed.(DOUBLY FREE) I am using Pascal Pro compiler now as it uses a up-to-date DPMI layer sources (HxDPMI), which fixes and adresses several bugs in DPMI handling and 32-bit PE EXEs. It also updates the Borland RTM/RTM32 engine. Unfortunately the only way to use the handler on already build EXEs is to load resident, part of the