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The LDAPUnit project will provide abstract base classes and assertions to verify the effects of operations on an LDAP repository.




Related Projects

Cwsadmin - Administrative interface for Apache, Ldap, MySQL, Postgresql, and Mssql

cwsAdmin offers a command line, menu-driven interface for: Apache: virtual host creation (single conf, or split-configuration) subweb creation enable/disable virtual hosts editing: Apache conf files php.ini htaccess files apachectl (single machine or webfarm) User Management: LDAP search for LDAP object add/remove user from LDAP group add/remove ldap group add/remove ldap organizational unit create new LDAP user create new LDAP object copy/move LDAP objects Htgroup create/delete user add user to

Ldap-gallery - Searchable addressbook and photo gallery for LDAP directories

LDAP galleryThis set of PHP scripts implements a searchable addressbook for LDAP directories. It suports displaying people's photos (jpegPhoto attribute), phone numbers, e-mails etc. It allows people to change some chosen attributes of their own entries in the LDAP database: currently photo and phone numbers. It also contains a gallery for organizational units, which displays all the people belonging to given organizational unit (having a particular value in the ou attribute). It requires all th

Ldap-update - A utility for mass-updating data in LDAP directories, SQL-style

A functionality that I find severely missing from various LDAP implementations (and from the protocol itself) is the ability do do mass updates (like you can in SQL for relational databases). For example, in the marketing department, I'd like to set the same manager for all the employees , let's call him Piotr Kwasigroch. In SQL it would be trivial: UPDATE pracownicy SET manager = 'pkwasigroch' WHERE ou = 'marketing';Unfortunately, although in LDAP we have a powerful search filter syntax at our

Njupiter - nJupiter is an open source component toolkit for development based on Microsoft .NET.

nJupiter - a component toolkit for development based on .NETnJupiter is a component toolkit that contains a large amount of functionality across a wide spectrum. nJupiter offering a set of tools that you can use either independently or together with each other in your own projects. nJupiter has been under development since 2005 and is today considered to be a mature project. nJupiter is completely written in C # and is released under a MIT / X11 license. Some of the components in the project was

Jedi-obi - Java Enhanced Directory Interface / OBject Intelligence

Any question ? http://groups.google.com/group/jedi-obi-discuss Here the HomeUkVersion Le package JEDI-OBI (Java Enhanced Directory Interface/OBject Intelligence) a été développé afin de faciliter l’utilisation de la librairie standard JNDI (Javax Naming Directory Interface) permettant entre autre les accès aux bases LDAP/Active Directory. JEDI apporte des fonctionnalités complémentaires comme un pool de connexions, une gestion de listes d’attributs, une recherche par approximation (av

Dao-for-ldap - A multitenant DAO library for LDAP

A light weight library for multitenancy authentication and LDAP CURED operations. Provides authentication service Provides CRUD operation for Tenants, Roles, and Users Provide bulk importer to import data from CVS file to LDAP. Layered architecture provide flexibility for extension. Provides dynamic configuration Comprehensive unit tests via embedded LDAP.

Openvpn-auth-ldap - LDAP authentication and authorization plugin for OpenVPN 2.x

DescriptionThe OpenVPN Auth-LDAP Plugin implements username/password authentication via LDAP for OpenVPN 2.x. FeaturesUser authentication against LDAP. Simple Apache-style configuration file. LDAP group-based access restrictions. Integration with the OpenBSD packet filter, supporting adding and removing VPN clients from PF tables based on group membership. Tested against OpenLDAP, the plugin will authenticate against any LDAP server that supports LDAP simple binds -- including Active Directory.

Java-ws-discovery - A WS-Discovery implementation written in Java

A cross platform Java implementation of WS-Discovery as described in the specification draft from 04/2005 (http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/04/discovery/). For compliance with the WS-Discovery standard 1.1, please use the latest beta (available in Downloads). NEW 04. nov. 2011: Beta of new release available in downloads. WS-Discovery is a Web Service discovery protocol that uses UDP multicast and SOAP/XML to discover new services. It is one of several technologies used in Microsofts WSDAPI and

Django-ldapbackend - An LDAP Backend for Django.

Django LDAP Backend (django_ldapbackend)Installation1. You will require Django and LDAP. ( easy_install django ; apt-get install slapd ) 2. Install this (easy_install should do it). ( easy_install django-ldapbackend ) 3. Add the following to your settings.py without the comments: AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ( 'django_ldapbackend.LDAPBackend', 'django.contrib.auth.backends.ModelBackend',)This is the LDAP Backend with the default as fallback. 4. Add the following settings to your settings.py, custom

Django-ldap-groups - django ldap groups

What it isDjango-ldap-groups is a reusable application for the Django web framework. Current VersionPlease use version 0.1.3, prior versions had incorrect setup.py files that would fail to install the template. What it doesThe django-ldap-groups app provides two pluggable authentication backends for Django that allow web app users to authenticate against an LDAP server, one backend for Active Directory and another for Novell eDirectory. I suspect the eDirectory backend will work with minimal mod