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Layered-canvas-library - An HTML5 Canvas Library that implements layer controls

Thank you for your interest in the layered canvas library. Unfortunately I have not had time to continue to develop this project, along with my other interests. So I am no longer actively developing this project. The Layered Canvas Library (LCL) is a javascript library that helps manage objects on the Canvas element. The LCL implements a two tier layer manager that creates and contains items within it. The layer manager attaches mouse events to each item contained, and allows the user to define

SIPS/ATOS for Prestashop

SIPS/ATOS bank module for Prestashop: CyberPlus/Banque Populaire - ElysNet/CCF - E-Transactions/Creacute;dit Agricole - ElysNet/HSBC - Mercanet/BNP - ScelliusNet/La Banque Postale - Sherlocks/LCL - Sogenactif/Socieacute;teacute; Geacute;neacute;rale - WebAffaires/Creacute;dit du Nord

Fpbitcoin - Bitcoin protocol implementation written in Free Pascal

The purpose of this project is to provide an implementation of the Bitcoin potocol written in the Object Pascal programming language (Free Pascal) and since this is a language that is very easy to read, clear and distinct its source code will also serve as a documentation for the protocol itself. Once the implementation of the core Bitcoin code will be sufficiently advanced it will also serve as the basis for a nice and feature-rich, graphical cross platform Bitcoin wallet, suitable for end user

Chianair - 深圳环迅国际货�代�公�项目部

<span style="color: #ff0000;">=HXL-LOGISTICS=</span> a freight forwarder company located in CHINA, established in 2000 with the headquarter in HONGKONG, and registered in 2005 inland. And our operation code 4403000509 registered at international freight forwarder cooperation, also to be CIFA with the associated number 09086, and get the first-class feright forwarder licence card. At present, we, hifi LOGISTICS has already own its perfect agent internet with more than 100 specialized


LazHelp is a hypertext help system for Lazarus written in LCL


A command line evaluator library for Lua


LCL grids support XML loading. However, JSON is known by its lightness and versatility. LJGridUtils comes to ofer easy conversion from LCL to JSON and vice versa.

lcl - STL containers in Lua

STL containers in Lua

lcl - A command line evaluator library for Lua

A command line evaluator library for Lua