LCI - A lambda calculus interpeter

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LCI is an interpreter for the lambda calculus. It supports many advances features like integers, recursion, user defined operators and multiple evaluation strategies.



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some tools written by perl.

Lcy-simpleblog - a simple blog written by catalyst

I belive catalyst is a beautiful framework. The main goal is to study: 1. how to promote web performance; 2. how to expand architecture 3. how to modularize code 4. how to use extreme programming 5. study new technique. catalyst + posgresql now.

Timednetworkshutdown - Tools to shutdown computers at a certain time determined by a server

This project comes from the need to have the computers in my college lab to shutdown at a certain time. However, this time is not equal to all computers, and may change in some days, due to different schedules, so this time is to be found at a server, which upon query answers simply "yes", if the computer should be shutdown, or "not" if shouldn't. As the project is originally in portuguese, it awaits for "sim", which means "yes", and "nao", which means "not". It has a C# program for windows and

Php-rstr-max - A PHP tool for extraction of maximal repeats in strings

This implementation allows the detection, in quasi-linear time, of all the maximal repeats in one, or more, strings. Let S a string of lenght ''n'' over a finite alphabet Σ. Si refer to the i-th character of S. Si..j refers to a substring of S starting at the position i and ending at position j. Each position 0 ≤ i < n represents a unique suffix Si..n-1 of S. LCi refers to the Left Context of a suffix i. We note £ the special left context LC0. We note with the special symbol $ the character

Rebayct - A text classification tool over a tesaurus

ReBayCTIntroductionReBayCT ('Redes Bayesianas para Clasificación en Tesauros', literally in Spanish "Bayesian networks for classification from a Thesaurus") is a console-based tool for performing experiments in Thesaurus-based indexing, that is to say, Text Categorization over the set of descriptors of a thesaurus. For more information in this problem, see 1. There are several classifiers implemented in this software. Two baseline (VSM and hierarchical VSM) and one algorithm based in Bayesian n

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A first attempt at a LOLCODE interpreter written in C; please use the lci project instead!


A LOLCODE interpreter written in C.

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Linux Command Interpreter