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lcdmod is a linux device driver for controlling HD44780 comatible LCD panels attached to the parallel port. It supports user generated fonts, multiple wiring schemes, multiple display sizes, and multiple driver chips. It has visualisation and control plug



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Nokia LCD Driver

Library to handle drawing on cheap 84x48 LCD (PCD8544 controller) used in some Nokia mobile phones (for ex. 3310, 3330, 3210) via LPT port. Contains some demostration software. May be used in various applications: pc modding, system monitoring etc.

Arduino-ajoslin - these are my arduino projects

these are my arduino project codebases -- I won't be updating these until I get another arduino DallasDevices - one wire temp sensor support Electroswitch900 - rotery encoder support (buggy) SparkFunPIR - spark fun infrared proximity sensor support SparkFunSerLCD - spark fun liquid crystal display support PS2Keyboard - small mods & packaging of others' work (see the .cpp file mod history)

Lcdmiscellany - LCD Miscellany: Logitech LCD scripting engine

LCD Miscellany is a tool allowing one to write scripts to display stuff on Logitech LCD displays. It currently supports both the 160 by 43 black and white displays and the 320 by 240 color displays. It communicates to both via Logitech's SDK, and, when Logitech's software isn't running, can also communicate to the 160 by 43 displays on most devices directly. Can also draw icons to be displayed on the system tray and set the state of the backlight on G15 and G19 keyboards. It also supports dll pl

Deus-ex-enhanced - To enhance the original Deus Ex PC game developed by Ion Storm Inc.

Latest Version: 2.0.0Primarily focusing on higher resolution textures with bump and height maps, and generally making the game look better on modern widescreen lcd panels. For those who do not meet the DirectX 10 requirement, version 1.3 will work quite well using a modified OpenGL renderer found here: Screen shot slideshow: Current FeaturesHigh re

KerbalLogiLCDServer - "Server" part of the Kerbal Space Program Logitech LCD mod.

"Server" part of the Kerbal Space Program Logitech LCD mod.