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LCD-Linux is a Linux software abstraction layer to drive LCD alphanumeric displays. It features complete VT102 console emulation and aims to be as general and flexible as possible. Drivers for specific LCD controllers can be easily written.



Related Projects


LCDproc controls various LCD and VFD devices in a standardized way, and ships with a client to display various system statistics. Supports multiple platforms (Linux, *BSD, Solaris). Client/server model allows multiple clients to use one display.

owfs and owhttpd

Easy way to use the 1-wire sensors like temperature, voltage and more.


A KDE panel applet to adjust LCD brightness

Dotmatrix-editor - LCD/LED font and bitmap editor

Perl/GTK based editor for LCD/LED fonts and bitmaps. Useful for rapid development (editing/writing) of C arrays to be used in firmwares of embedded platform using dot matrix LCD or LED displays.

Pylcdcontrol - Linux LCD controller

pyLCDControl is based on LCD4Linux, with the goal of creating a GUI-enabled LCD controller in the spirit of Crystalfontz's CrystalControl2 software for Windows. Most of Crystalfontz's CFA series liquid crystal displays are supported, and there are plans to include support for more LCDs in the future. You can see it in action here, here, and here.

Alineador - Antenna alignment

Small utility that displays on a LCD display information about quality link of a wireless link. Its aim is to help in the aiming of antennas.

Omnimalcd - Code for developing applications to run on and interface to Omnima LCDs

olcdtool olcdtool is an application used for communication to and from the Omnima LCD Source code compiles and runs on Linux (KDevelop or make), Mac OS X (XCode) and Windows (Visual C++ 2010) and can be ported to other embedded platforms. Uses - Send commands to LCD - Test LCD operation - Upgrade LCD firmware - Build your host application to run on Linux, Mac OS X or Windows based on the tested olcdtool code (use olcd.c, serial.c and platform.c) Supported speeds -Up to 1152000bps (84Kb/s) on Lin

Pypert - A Python interface to the Pertelian X2040 USB LCD Display

PyPert is a high-level interface to the Pertelian X2040 USB LCD display ( It relies on PySerial. Also included in this project are various uses of PyPert. For example, displaying a list of your friends on Xbox Live.

Pylcdui - Python LCD library

What is it?pylcdui is a collection of driver libraries for character LCD displays. It provides a Python interface to common features of character LCD displays: turn on the backlight, clear the screen, write a line of data. What else is it?pylcdui is also a tiny user interface framework for building simple applications atop a character LCD. The ui part includes standard widgets for things like progress bars, multiple choice menus, and so on. Note: pylcdui has recently been rewritten, since the au