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LBW is a ELF binary loader and Linux system call translator for Windows, allowing unmodified Linux applications to be used on 32-bit Windows platforms.



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The current svn code does not run. The previous packaged versions of aiiu have moderate security flaws, and should not be downloaded or used. A new version is currently being worked on. Aboutai Image Uploader is a two-server personal image gallery written in Perl. The target audience for aiiu are people who have a fast web server with little bandwidth (perhaps a home server with a residential broadband connection) as well as a slow web server with a lot of bandwidth (perhaps a shared-hosting ser

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The SmartWeld suite of welding software applications assists engineers and technologists to apply science-based understanding of the welding process to develop optimal mechanized welding procedures. This state-of-the-art approach assures the highest reliability in welded components, lowers process startup costs, reduces rework, and improves quality. The unique set of machine parameters that is developed to successfully weld an article is commonly known as a weld procedure. With traditional time-


C++ Library for reading EVE Online lbw logserver files.