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Skbot-client - SKBot - the open source modified game client

SKBot is an immensely popular and successful bot for a Java MMORPG. The program source code is completely open and free - whether you're a Java expert or just keen to explore, the bot is a valuable learning resource. Legal note: the entire source code is freely available under the GPLv3 terms. Contrary to bogus and automated DMCA claims, no content is under the copyright of Jagex Ltd. The code is provided purely for educational purposes by the authors as freedom of expression. Terms and Conditio

Websecuritynotebook - Web Security Notebook

The Internet is one of the most pervasive technologies created in the last century. The hacker community knows about the web's reach and will take advantage of web application vulnerabilities. This cookbook web security project provides example tips, tools and utilities to aid against cross-site scripting attacks, injection attacks and other types of attacks. Note: we do not support illegal activity. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsProject ToolsBrowse SVN RepositoriesLegal IssuesResources Proj

Ebusinessprime - eBusinessPRIME

eBusinessPRIME eBusinessPrime Nationwide Job Executive Search, in partnership with launched today featuring nationwide job searches, top web 3.0 resources, online shopping, forums, image gallery, event calendar, blog, and more. At eBusinessPrime we not only provide nationwide USA job search of the highest calibre, but we teach leadership, teamwork and management skills in context in real time. Our approach includes a variety of customizable processes and programs to assist in a le