Launch4j Executable Wrapper

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Cross-platform Java executable wrapper for creating lightweight Windows native EXEs. Provides JRE version control and better user experience through an app icon, a native pre-JRE splash screen, a custom process name, and a Java download page.



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cron4j is a scheduler for the Java platform which is very similar to the UNIX cron daemon. With cron4j you can launch, from within your Java applications, any task you need at the right time, according to some simple rules.

Pykondohttpd - Tiny embeded http server for the kondo KHR-3HV robot

Purpose is to have an http server serving standard html or mobile (jQueryMobile) html pages and sending/grabbing informations to the rcb4 board through the libKondo4 library. Up to now, the server works as follow : The main process scans and launches two types of plugins, daemons and services. daemons provide a way to send/receive datas to the external world (httpd), services provides functions to the daemons (running motions, getting datas from the rcb4, getting images from OpenCV,...)

Pers-ant-ivy-tools - Ant utility tasks for projects using Apache Ivy

A collection of Ant tasks that makes the project development cycle easier. The tasks reduces the burden for the programmer when creating build files. The collection currently consists of the following tasks. Apache Ivy tasks: IvySubantTask which is a subset of Ant's subant task merged with Ivy's info task. Major differences compared to Ant's subant task are: Input should only be a list of ivy files. A generic ant build must be set, the build file is executed in the directory of the ivy file. The

Appstart - The Universal Java Application Launcher

IntroductionOne of the frustrations about writing Java desktop applications is the setup needed to launch the Java Virtual Machine. This is often implemented using some platform-dependent launch scripts, which their only role is to find a suitable JRE and launch it with some options. This is not optimal, since this defeats the cross-platform nature of Java. Enter Appstart, the universal cross-platform Java application launcher. What is Appstart ?Appstart is a cross-platform application launcher

Tadedon - A bunch of utilities for GWT, GIN, Guice, Google App Engine, commons-configuration and man

Tadedon projectSee also AboutTadedon Thanks to tadedon you can: General Specify default configuration of your application and upgrade it automatically on each new release. Redirect all java.util.logging to slf4j and easily configure logback Retrieve version of your application from jar's manifest file. Guice Bind application configuration in Guice module. Support @PostConstruct and @PreDestroy annotations (JSR 250) in Guice application. incject slf4j loggers. annotate your methods with @Transact

Jquery-simpletip - A simple jQuery tooltip plugin

SimpletipImportant update: What's next for Simpletip now that version 2 is out the window?Check-out qTip... Simpletip's successor. OverviewSimpletip is a plugin for the popular jQuery JavaScript library. It allows you to create tooltips with ease on any element on the page using the power of jQuery's selectors and event management. The tooltips can be static, dynamic, or even loaded through AJAX with a variety of different visual effects. DocumentationDocumentation on all available functionality

Universal-jquery-template - A jQuery based website template framework

This project provides a PHP/jQuery based website template framework which allows the quick creation of AJAX driven websites with an easy to customize template system and a lot of eye candy for users. Important website features like tabs, modal pop-ups, slide-shows, tool-tips are already included (based e.g. on jQuery Tools). Additional highlights are the layout flexibility (one size fits all), the theme support, a great performance and a modern XHTML/CSS coding. The framework represents an innov

Traviancompanion - Travian Companion Selenium Edition

Travian Companion assists a Travian game player one-on-one. In the Travian game, a player's resources or armies can only be delivered in a specific time. Most of the other time, the player is just waiting, waiting, and waiting. When the player has a companion, the companion will take over all the boring tasks. The player has the ability to focus on designing a strategic goal and pursue that goal. The goal can be building a level 10 crop field, destroying the enemies, helping allies, attacking WW

Manysim - Perform Simulations on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

UPDATEMay 24, 2011: Package added to the Python Package Index. sudo easy_install manysim May 19, 2011: Initial commit pushed to the repository. IntroductionWhat initially started out as an easy way of running GEANT4 simulations on AWS EC2, manysim is a simple technique for executing arbitary code on EC2 using Python and the boto Python module. Jobs can be launched from the local user machine and executed on the EC2 with results returned to the user via S3. It is up to the user to configure an Am

Weibo4j - Sina Mblog openAPI javaSDK

weibo4j-oauth2是一款基于新浪微å�šå¼€æ”¾å¹³å�°API(V2)接å�£çš„支æŒ�oauth2授æ�ƒè®¤è¯�æ–¹å¼�çš„Java SDK。第三方开å�‘者å�¯ä»¥é€šè¿‡è¿™ä¸ªSDKå¼€å�‘自己的application。 最新版本下载地å�€Weibo4j-oauth2.0-beta2.0: 多线程并å�‘时,请å�šç›¸å…³å¤„ç�† API文档开å�‘者å�¯ä»¥å�‚考新浪微å�šå¼€æ”¾å¹³å�°æ��供的api(V2)文档 æ„�è§�与å��馈如果对sdk有更好的æ„�è§�æ