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Launch Admin for Windows XP allows users using a limited user account (LUA) to perform administrative tasks conveniently. It is for users who want the security of a LUA account combined with the power to make “on demand” administrative changes.



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Mcrwebapp - MCR PHP-webapp

Yet another PHP framework, this one is oriented to multiple projects, MySQL and database maintenance. Form driven query screen generation. Abstract apps for tables, reports, files, and script launching. Incorporates a javascript spreadsheet tool and crosstab tool. Structured for both Public and Admin sites. MCR PHP-webapp was created to run a printing job shop company. The framework contains the engine to support the apps, not all of which are part of MCR PHP-webapp.

Pymacadmin - A collection of Python utilities for Mac OS X system administration

A collection of Python utilities for Mac OS X system administration. The PyMacAdmin project started as a collaboration between Chris Adams and Nigel Kersten to develop a replacement for the unsupported 'kicker' feature included in OS X prior to 10.5. That replacement eventually became crankd, which provides a way to execute Python code or a shell script in response to many system events: network changes, filesystem activity, application launching, etc. We've also added utilities to create networ

Glc-projects - Official GLC projects

What are the GLC Projects? The GLC Projects are a series of off-track projects that belong to GLC but don't have much to do with it. They are useful or funny applications others may find useful or helpful. Project List Below you will find a list of projects. Once installed, each application will check for an update on each launch and ask to install them, so you don't have to worry about checking back here and downloading updates. Bot Spammer Download Now! The bot spammer is an application that w

Ppdict - A crossplatform dictionary based on python

FeaturesWritten in python; Cross-platform; Use of Webkit for text representation; Use of GTK as UI representation; Support stardict file format; Downloadppdict-0.1.0-20110228.tar.gz Requirementspython python-webkit pygtk2 Install & UninstallDownload the latest ppdict snapshot from the downloads tab: wget Extract the package: tar -zxvf ppdict-0.1.0-20110228.tar.gz Install PPdict cd ppdict sudo python install Launch PPdict /u

Diamanda - Diamanda Wiki and Forum

Diamanda is a set of django applications. For support go to (English) or (Polish) Myghty Board - forum application, stand aloneThis is a new release for the latest Django 1.X versions: This is a basic, but usable forum application that can be used in your project. You can test it as is - just launch the dev server (login/pass fo

Thehostingtool - A PHP-based, open-source, client management script geared towards free web hosting

TheHostingTool (THT) was launched on the 3rd of December 2008 aiming to provide the next generation in free, hosting applications. It provides you, the webhost, near complete automation on everything you want it to do. So that means, signup, monthly posts checking, suspension, and termination. While it does that, it provides client features, like the client control panel that gives the clients the power to manage their account. In addition, they can check their monthly forum posts, edit their de

Aha-gae - aha is a python framework for google app engine

'Aha' is a python framework specialized for google app engine. The name comes from aha-experience. It provides the best way of populating your inspiration to the clouds :-). Or you can get source code from the repository. What is ahaAha is a web application framework. It has been developed hoping it will be the best way to propagate your 'aha!' into the cloud :-). Aha has following features. rails like routing class based controller mako

H2osgi - OSGi for the H2 Database

Enable deployment of the H2 Database in OSGi containers. What is the value in this? I'm still looking at different scenarios. Here's what I have so far: H2 is nearly 3x faster in embedded mode. But in this mode it is available only to the application that launched it. As an OSGi service, H2 and any db instance becomes available to as many OSGi applications or services as you want, in-VM...with run-time deployment. This is very compelling. Additionally, the database can be run in mixed mode (embe

Sutekishop - A .NET eCommerce application

Suteki Shop Suteki Shop is an eCommerce application. The orginal aim is to write a site for a fashion retail business. It includes a product catalogue, shopping cart and order processing. Email Mike Hadlow,, with any problems or suggestions. It's based on the following technologies: .NET 4.0 ASP.NET MVC 3 MVC Contrib NHibernate Windsor IoC Container Built using TDD with the following tools: NUnit Rhino Mocks The first commercial customer of Suteki Shop is Jump the Gun, a 'Mod'

Auto-cms - The smallest Content Manager

AutoCMS is a smaller CMS,generate a website with minimal requirements to have presence in Internet It can present a form in an administration page protected with a password to let the administrator set several options about common site content sections that it supports. The AutoCMS can generate PHP file with definitions that set configuration options according to the options the user set in the form. The main application script includes the class and the generated options to determine how to pre