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Lattis is a MVC (Model - View - Controller) based framework for Microsoft .NET Web applications. It provides a FrontController to the application, which delegates user defined actions to specific distributed controller classes.



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huiwen4net is a .net framework that combined iBATIS.NET,NHibernate,Spring Framework .NET,Lattis ,Maverick.NET,NVelocity,Report.NET,NAnt,NUnit,NMock,Logging framework for .NET and other opensource framework.make developer develop webapp and gui app easyly

Lattis-playstation-particle-filter - Run a particle filter on Play Station 3 for the LATTIS Lab

Use Play Station Processor to run intensive simulations. This project aim at running particle filter estimation for non-linear maps on the PS3 to reach reasonnable simulation time. Contact Pascal Acco LATTIS university of Toulouse

Latty - Google Bigtable clone

Latty is another open source project implementing Google's Bigtable. Latty has the following features. Basic data service Single row operation(put, get) Multi row operation(Scanner) Data uploader(DirectUploader) MapReduce(TabletInputFormat) Tablet Management Tablet distribution Tablet MinorCompaction, MajorCompaction, Split Utility Web based Monitor Shell Swing based Query Browser Failover Master failover TabletServer failover Change log Server Reliable fast appendable change log server Distribu

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A Beautiful Rails-based Patient Research Information System