Look at the stars

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Look at the stars is an extended image viewer for Linux that combines the easy use of GQview and features from Photogroup and CompuPic. It supports colored backgrounds, image manipulation, and more.




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The code and data to implement Geocoding web services: translation from a physical location (lat/long, OSGB, UTM) to postcodes, cities and countries and back again. The initial implementation is a dotnet (.NET) version providing a SOAP entry point for cli


deegree is a java framework for geospatial software based on the specifications of the OpenGIS Consortium and the ISO. The focus is based on the realisation of OGC specified web services. it is developed in cooperation between lat/lon and the Uni of Bonn

LDAP Administration Tool

Browse and edit LDAP-based directories / entries

Gra-samolot - Gram latajcy samolot strzela :)

Pierwsza gra napisana w C++. Na zaliczenie Å‚adnych kilka lat temu

Goroam - Javascript library to easily add Google Maps to a webpage

This project is a Javascript library that can be included on webpages to add Google Maps to a page by simply tagging HTML elements with lat/lng or addresses.

Pyspharm - Python spherical harmonic transform module.

Provides an object-oriented python interface to the NCAR SPHEREPACK library. Can perform spherical harmonic transforms to and from regularly spaced and gaussian lat/lon grids.

Gpsparser - GPS Log parser and transformer

This is GPS Log parser and transformer that parser NMEA based logs. It includes utilities for calculating distances between GPS points (lat,lon), route distances etc... It comes with few ready transformers, ex: KML transformer transforms the log file into KML formatted XML document.

Glast-bfem - Conversion of the GLAST-BFEM to a cosmic ray display.

The Balloon Flight Engineering Module (BFEM) is a prototype of the solid state pair-conversion/tracker currently onboard the Fermi Gamma-ray space telescope LAT. The now disused BFEM and associated hardware is to be repurposed as a development platform for detecting, reconstructing, analyzing and displaying cosmic ray air-shower events. This involves updating old software and developing new software for data system setup, data taking, analysis and display. The BFEM will continue to be a valuable

Ejbaddresslookup - A Java EE implementation of a US address/zip lookup.

Provides the ability to lookup city/state information by zip code. Provide crude latitude/longitude information for US zip codes. Includes all valid US zip codes - not just states. Provides the type of each zip code. Project currently in MyEclipse 6. Testing on JBoss application server. One JavaEE Entity Bean wrapping one table of data. One Stateless Session Bean providing access to the data. The lat/long data is of questionably granularity.

pygmaps is a Python wrapper for Google Maps JavaScript API V3. pygmaps provides functions to generat

pygmaps is a Python wrapper for Google Maps JavaScript API V3. pygmaps provides functions to generate HTML file which shows your GPS data on Google map. Example:import pygmaps ########## CONSTRUCTOR: pygmaps.maps(latitude, longitude, zoom) ############################### DESC:\t\tinitialize a map with latitude and longitude of center point #\t\tand map zoom level "15"# PARAMETER1:\tlatitude (float) latittude of map center point# PARAMETER2:\tlongitude (float) latittude of map center point# PARAM