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Latex2slides is a simple graphical program that produces a set of HTML/JPEG slides from a TeX or LaTeX source. Each Postscript page is converted to a JPEG image using ImageMagick's convert. The program then makes one HTML page for each JPEG (or slide), a



Related Projects

Pandoc - General Markup Converter

Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another, and a command-line tool that uses this library. It an convert documents in markdown, reStructuredText, textile, HTML, DocBook, or LaTeX to HTML formats, Word processor formats, PDF and other markup formats.

Texbuild - Create pdf files and slides with LaTeX

Python script to glue different programs (from LaTeX and otl2latex) and create slides and documents in pdf format.

Conf2py - Conference Management System

Conf2py is an Open Source Conference Management Software written in Python License is GPL2 Developed by Massimo Di Pierro Support provided by MetaCryption LLC A slideshow presentation: Download as a web2py app (includes source): Source only from google code: hg clone conf2py Videos about older versions: BACKGR

Pdfsizeopt - PDF file size optimizer

pdfsizeopt is a collection of best practices and scripts for Unix to optimize the size of PDF files, with focus on PDFs created from TeX and LaTeX documents. pdfsizeopt is developed on a Linux system, and it depends on existing tools such as Python 2.4, Ghostscript 8.50, jbig2enc (optional), sam2p, pngtopnm, pngout (optional), and the Multivalent PDF compressor (optional) written in Java. See the InstallationInstructions. See PDF files pdfsizeopt was tested with on ExamplePDFsToOptimize. A white

Pgeeltex - Classe LaTeX de formatação para teses e dissertações do PGEEL da UFSC.

NovidadesDescriçãoDocumentaçãoInstalação do PgeelTeXInstalação do AbnTeX Participe da lista de discussão!! Veja no link à direita. Novidades29/07/2011 Nova versão do Pgeeltex!! Lançada a versão 2.0 beta 6. Principais modificações: Correção de erros de formatação dos títulos das seções e subseções; Corrigido erro do exemplo-tese.tex; Outros correções. Baixe o .zip na seção de downloads ou o código fonte direto pelo SVN. 01/05/2010 Nova versão do Pgeeltex!! Lançada a

workshop2-slides - Source LaTeX code of my workshop2 slides.

Source LaTeX code of my workshop2 slides.