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Latex2rtf tries to convert your LaTeX file into a RTF file for opening in Microsoft Word. The general idea is to try and get the things that computers are good at correct: character conversion, graphic conversion, etc. Page layout suffers because control in RTF is pretty pathetic compared to TeX. Consequently, it is likely that manual reformatting will be needed. Translation of bibliographies is pretty good and a wide range of styles are handled, but you must typeset your LaTeX file to create the needed .aux and .bbl files first. Translation of equations used to be excellent: it used to be possible to double-click equations in Word and then edit with MathType. Unfortunately, this conversion in Word has gotten progressively worse over the years (I changed nothing!). Unfortunately, the only solution is to converting to MTEF objects, which is a major rewrite (but would make OpenOffice users much happier.) Volunteers welcome!



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latex2rtf - LaTeX to RTF converter program

LaTeX to RTF converter program

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