LaTeX Access Scripts

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Scripts to assist blind people to read and write LaTeX. The current line of a file being edited is translated into speech and Braille output. This can be used by assistive technology such as screenreaders.



Related Projects

Javabib - A bibtex parser written in Java

This is a handwritten parser for the bibtex format, which is typically used when generating bibliographies with LaTeX. The parsed bibtex entries are accessible via a simple API.

LaTeX Plugin For Eclipse

Managing LaTeX documents with eclipse. Easy compilation of LaTeX documents, access to all LaTeX compiler logging information. Specify LaTeX arguments in a GUI. Editor with code completion, document structure, and a document previewer.


plasTeX is a Python-based LaTeX document processing framework. It gives DOM-like access to a LaTeX document, as well as the ability to generate mulitple output formats (e.g. HTML, DocBook, tBook, etc.).

Publications-repository-pdesai - A centralized repository of faculty publications, research papers a

There is a need in academic departments and schools to maintain a centralized repository of faculty publications. Such a repository serves three purposes 1) Faculty can upload and maintain an updated list of their publication, grant, and presentation activity, 2) School administration including department heads and the deans can access the publications to report for grants and other reporting needs, 3) Faculties can view other faculty member’s publication citations. A need for such a system wa

Comsolid-projects - COMSOLiD Projects

COMSOLiD - Comunidade Maracanauense de Software Livre e Inclusão DigitalRepo to create the Projects of the COMSOLiD (Comunidade Maracanauense de Software Livre e Inclusão Digital). Apostila AndroidUma apostila básica exemplificada com um CRUD simples, uma lista de contatos. Download LaTeXila TranslationOur first project is a translation to Brazilian Portuguese of LaTeXila. DownloadLaTeXila Downloa

Sphinx-report - A report generator written in python using sphinx and matplotlib

SphinxReportSphinxReport is a report generator that is implemented as an extension to Sphinx. Its purpose is to facilitate writing scientific reports interpreting large and changing datasets. It is designed to assist the iterative analysis during the development of a computational scientific pipeline as understanding of the data grows. Once the pipeline settles down, SphinxReport permits an easy transition towards the automatic report generation needed when the pipeline is run on new data sets.

Svgfig - Quantitative drawing in Python and SVG

SVGFig (pronounced svig-fig)The SVGFig package lets you draw mathematical figures in Scalable Vector Graphics format (SVG), using the Python language. As a tool, its usefulness lies somewhere between freehand drawing programs, which don't give you quantitative control over your figures, and traditional plotting packages, which fit your data into a prescribed template. SVGFig allows you to draw anything you can express in Python. SVGFig is particularly suited to handle non-linear geometries. All

Eminds - eMinds: International Journal on Human-Computer Interaction

Latex template to give format to the author contributions to eMinds (International Journal on Human-Computer Interaction)

Ualberta-math-stat-templates - Thesis, poster, and other templates for math and stats.

These are some simple templates for that were developed in the department of mathematical and statistical sciences at the University of Alberta; instead of these being passed around informally, we thought it best to make them accessible to a more general audience.

Pp-csun-flashcards-1 - A multi-platform flashcard solution for persons with cognitive/learning disab

Goal: A web-based flashcard solution could be accessible on multiple platforms and could support math and other complex equations. This would be quite beneficial to a person with a cognitive or learning disability. For example a user could create a set of flashcards of mathematic equations conveniently on their computer. The user can then access and edit the flash cards from their mobile device, eliminating the need for physical cards. Description: Accessible Multi-Platform Web Flash Cards Acces