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A computer game, similar to Barrack by Ambrosia Software in which the player attempts to reduce the field of play without having one\'s cropping device hit by a ball



Related Projects

Search and Rescue II

Search and Rescue II is a rescue helicopter simulator for Linux. It contains several missions and helicopters on which the player helps people in distress. SaR II is a fork of the Search and Rescue original game created by Wolfpack and developed late

ELENA Programming Language

ELENA is a new non-mainstream general-purpose, pure object-oriented language with late binding. It promotes more object-oriented program design, reusable and more standardized code. The package includes compiler, IDE, ELENA libraries and samples

OpenEEG - EEG hardware and software

Working hardware has been built and is in a late beta stage. Software is also available.


The earliest versions of the very first c compiler known to exist in the wild written by the late legend himself dmr.


Minox is a RPG game for Linux, much like the games for the 16-bit consoles in the late 90\'s. It has a Java based map editor where you can draw worlds for the game. The fights are turn based an occurs both on the map or in the 3d dungeon.

O2EM Odyssey2 / Videopac+ Emulator

O2EM is an open source multi-platform Odyssey2 / Videopac+ emulator. The Odyssey2 (Videopac/Jopac in Europe) was a video game console created in the late 70s.

CRT X-Y Library (libcrtxy)

The CRT X-Y library (libcrtxy) is meant to be used by video game programmers who wish to create games in the style of vector graphics arcade games of the late 1970s and early 1980s. (Tempest, Star Wars, Battle Zone, Star Castle, etc.)

CRM Model Generator

CRM Model Generator allow developers to generate entities classes for late binding development.


LateXSL is a set of XSLT stylesheets that translates LaTeX embedded in a Web page into HTML, so that math typed directly into a web page as LaTeX is displayed as math in a viewer's browser. The stylesheets may be applied in the browser or by a server.

Oosd-e-late - A Python project to make a game.

This Team-E is late starting (hence the name). OXO -- Noughts and Crosses This game is simple, but that does not mean the code necessarily is. For fuller version options include lightly animating the graphics, and making the computer play one side.