Remember Last Viewed Page For MS Word

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Last Page Remember is a plugin for MS Word. It remembers the last page you have viewed in document and shows you when re opens it.



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PalOOCa OpenOffice Extension for Palo

PalOOCa is a Java based OpenOffice OLAP Extension intended to be used with OpenOffice Calc. It is related to the Palo Add-in for MS Excel (, but is: - platform independent (Linux, Mac-OSX, Windows) - highly performant supporting many thousand cells. - compatible to (almost) all OLAP servers supporting XMLA. Intended audiences are: - scientific research amp; teaching - financial analysis amp; controlling Consult the FAQ in the Wiki.

Encryptitaddin - EncryptIt! Outlook 2007 Add-in

EncryptIt! is simple C++ COM\\ATL add-in for Outlook 2007. It just check message body and\\or subject by specified mask before send, and show warning ,if matches, that message should be encrypted, it can switch on encryption automatically if necessary.

Attachchecker - Outlook Plugin that checks outgoing emails for missing attachments

This is a very simple MS Outlook plugin that scans outgoing message for words that indicate you meant to attach something and prompts you if it looks like you forgot to attach the file.

Atl-commons - Java DSL for the Atlas Transformation Language

Easy execution of atl model transformations. register( UMLPackage.eINSTANCE.eResource() );Transformation<EMFModel, EMFModel> uml2ecore = new Transformations.Builder().asm("uml2ecore.asm").in(get(UMLPackage.eNS_URI), "IN", "uml").out(ecore(), "OUT", "ecore").buildOneInOneOut();EMFModel out = transform(inject(resource("model.uml"), get(UMLPackage.eNS_URI)), uml2ecore);eclipse update site source code is on github


Access PowerTools is currently a sample MS Access add-in project to try & test features of Add-in Express™ 2009 for Microsoft® Office and .net ( This project's source code is a sample of agile TDD development using MS VS2008 and C...

Screen-picker-gadget - Screen Picker - Gadget

Screen Picker - Google Desktop Gadget. Capture Pixel Color On Your Screen! Screen Picker captures pixel color on the screen... You can select any color from your screen and copy them to the clipboard..

Libertv - Video distribution platform

LiberTV 1.0 is a video distribution platform, written in C++ for Windows. The executable can be downloaded from Main features: BitTorrent downloads (using libtorrent) Universal video player (supports all known video formats, file-based or streaming). Uses VLC, xvid, Flash or Windows Media embedding. HTML/JavaScript -based user interface RSS Feed Reader, manager, podcast downloader. Technologies:LiberTV is written in C++ with ATL/WTL (Visual Studio 2005). Parts of the inter

Mini Shell Extension Framework

This project provides a C++ ATL template based mini framework that can be used to create Windows Shell (explorer) extensions.


MS Office 2007 add-in able to query the WhereIsNow web service. You need .NET framework 3.5 SP1 installed on your system, otherwise the installer will download automatically it from the web, this may take some time depending on your internet connection

Android-comicsreader - ComicsReader

A lightweight open source comics reader for Android under GPLv3 license. Functionalities : Optimized for Android tablets Comics browser with thumbnails Bookmarks manager to download albums from remote sites Support CBZ, CBR (official unrar dll) and folders with images (JPEG and PNG) Fast pages switcher with pages previews Compatible with all screens resolutions Several resize modes (screen width, screen height, both, 100%, 50%, 25%) Double pages mode Next and previous pages auto preloading if en

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