Lassi - Lighting Assistant

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Lassi is free software for theatre lighting control through a DMX Lanbox ( Set intensity levels, create cues, patch dimmers, work with submasters, visualize commands exchanged with Lanbox, etc. Allows control through your webbrowser.



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DISSCO is an integrated environment for music composition (CMOD) and additive sound sythesis (LASS). LASS is a C++ library. It includes a Java GUI (LASSIE) which allows users to enter the specifications needed to build sounds. CMOD will be part of a

Lassiestudio - Lassie

Lassie Studio is an adventure game platform built with Adobe Flash. The studio consists of a game editor tool for quick and easy definition of environments and interactions, and a game player application to run a constructed game. Aside from powering classic-style graphical adventure games (like the Monkey Island series or Day of the Tentacle), Lassie studio also stands as a powerful engine for scripted animations. Lassie makes it easy to create grids and animate sprites around them, also to add




The Lassie adventure game engine. Shepherd application components built in Flash AS3.


A monitoring and alert system for servers/services

mango-lassi - Friendly Fork: Desktop Input Device Sharing

Friendly Fork: Desktop Input Device Sharing