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LASS : Library of Assembled Shared Source. Library of C++ code for scientific purposes.



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DISSCO is an integrated environment for music composition (CMOD) and additive sound sythesis (LASS). LASS is a C++ library. It includes a Java GUI (LASSIE) which allows users to enter the specifications needed to build sounds. CMOD will be part of a

Cs-377-nachos-jic - Using Nachos to Complete CS 377 Umass Programming Lab descriptions

Mashup-lasse-engler-rsstest - RSS Feed

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Mashup-lasse-engler-denewsmap - German News Map

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Diego-and-lasses-sadi-project-1 - Simple trivia game implemented in java

The game is developed as a part of a course at RMIT, Melbourne.

Urho3d - Cross-platform rendering and game engine

Urho3D is a lightweight, cross-platform rendering and game engine implemented in C++ and released under the MIT license. Greatly inspired by OGRE ( and Horde3D ( Engine & example code by Lasse Öörni ( Features: - Direct3D9 or OpenGL rendering (Shader Model 2 or OpenGL 2.0 required as minimum) - HLSL or GLSL shaders + offline generation of shader permutations - Forward, light pre-pass and deferred rendering modes - Component based s

Phybot - IRC Bot

Ein IRC Bot in Java FeaturesMessage logVon jedem Channel, in dem der Bot momentan ist, kann ein Log abgerufen werden. QuizÜber vordefinierte Fragen kann ein Quiz im Stile von Trivial Pursuit aufgerufen werden. Jeder im Channel kann teilnehmen (ähnlich wie MoxQuizz) QuoteBeliebige Zitate können eingespeichert werden. RouletteSchreibe so lange roulette, bis du aus dem Channel fliegst. SayLass den Bot sprechen... Channel AutojoinBeim Verbinden automatischer autojoin in einen oder mehrere Channel

lass9991 - lass9991 repository

lass9991 repository