Large Knowledge Collider

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This is the official collaborative development environment of the Large Knowledge Collider (LarKC), a platform for massive distributed reasoning that aims to remove the scalability barriers of currently existing reasoning systems for the Semantic Web



Related Projects

Opencyclograph - Ontology visualizer for LarKC and CYC (including OpenCyc)

A graph visualizer for LarKC and CYC (including OpenCyc) See screen shot below

Uabcl - Lisp# Un-Armed Bear Common Lisp for Java - LispSharp

A specialized re-implementation of Armed Bear Common Lisp. (see ---- Extra features Passes additional CL ANSI-TESTS Runs under .NET/Mono as an EXE and DLL Requires no Java/JVM ---- Most Worked-on Feature set Full compatibility with LarKC Platform This library is a drop-in replacement to the subl.jar of OpenCyc This allows OpenCyc to use common-lisp Generate .java files from lisp source files instead of .class files. This allows users to g

Dfdltransformer - A Transformer Plugin for LarkC Project

A Transformer Plugin for LarkC Project ( The DFDLTransformer supports mapping arbitrary ASCII and binary file formats to a data model defined in XML Schema using the XML-based Data Format Description Language (DFDL,, and transforming the file content into RDF triples using Jena GRDDL Reader.


A jACT-R extension that uses RDF as its internal data-structure and allows LarKC workflows to be run from jACT-R models. jACT-R is a Java native implementation of the ACT-R (Anderson, 2007) cognitive architecture. The LarKC platform is an effort to e


Semantic Instrumentation and Monitoring - Instrumentation for Larkc Module


LARKC Auto Query is intended to be used as tool to automate testing Larkc ( ) by creating workflows and sending queries to them.