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LifeArchive is a small group sized blog driven by Perl. It supports multiple users, emoticons, per-user stylesheets, a simple formatting markup, and topic icons.



Related Projects

Pjl-gaetan-ben - Création d'un jeu en Python

Création d'un jeu de tir à l'arc en Python pour la promotion d'un bureau des sports.

Anubis4cellbox - Anubis encrypt/decrypt utilities for Cellbox

Part of Cellbox for J2ME and Cellbox for Android: all cipher related sources. Cellbox cipher based on well-known Anubis cipher (

Lua-larc - LArc is a Lua archive library.

LArc is a library for reading and writing compressed files in a variety of formats.

orphanage comic script repository

This is the main site for the scripts used for the orphan project by Julia, Larc and Kieran and Krzysztof (in absolutely no order whatsoever).

picoLARC the Lambda Lisp on Smalltalk

A Lisp multilanguage design implemented on Smalltalk. Featuring an OOP macro system that works across all the languages. Contains all other languages as Lisp dialects. Fully OOP. Fully documented guided tour. language specs too. assembler, prolog, C#...

Modelo-trabalhos-ufc - Modelo de trabalhos acadêmicos da UFC

Modelo de trabalhos acadêmicos da UFC (Universidade Federal do Ceará) Inspirado no seguinte material: OBS: É imprescindível ter instalado o abntex. No UBUNTU: $ sudo apt-get install abntex No WINDOWS: Seguir instruções apresentadas em: OBS2: Separação silábica em português pode ser resolvida com o seguinte pacote: texliv

LARC-DB - Release history of LARC-DB

Release history of LARC-DB

robota-larc-2012 - Code development for ROBOTA's LARC.

Code development for ROBOTA's LARC.


Program made for the Texas Air Quality Team at NASA LaRc DEVELOP Summer 2008 term


Java HDF partitioning tool using Java HDF interface for Georgia Air Quality Team at LaRc Develop summer 2008 term