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A Perl based interpreter for a language which is a blend of Forth and APL. The power of lang5 stems from its arrays operations in conjunction with the underlying Forth programming paradigm of bottom up programming.



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Smartref - Simple Reference Types and Containers for Java 1.5+

Smart ReferencesA set of reference types and associated containers for Java that provide improved life-cycle management over the built-in java.lang.ref types.

Pylcid - python module for creating and converting LCIDs based on the C++ Lib LangIdConverter

Written in C++ (LangIdConverter); Python 2.5 Binding with boost::python. Distributed as pyd. Doc follows. The LangIdConverter is an independent part of the pylcid project. PyLCID - FunctionsgetPrimaryLangId getSubLangId iso3166ToName iso3166ToName_fr iso639A3bToName iso639A3bToName_fr iso639A3tToName iso639A3tToName_fr iso639ToName iso639ToName_fr langIdToLocaleName localeNameToLangId makeLCID makeLangId nameToIso3166 nameToIso3166_fr nameToIso639 nameToIso639A3b nameToIso639A3b_fr nameToIso639A

Soap4r - 'SOAP4R' is an implementation of SOAP 1.1 (W3C Note) for Ruby

* Version: 1.5.5 * Author: NAKAMURA, Hiroshi a.k.a. NaHi <> * License: Ruby's * Release Note:

Filter4osgi - Simple DSL for OSGi Filters

This small library provides a simple domain specific language (DSL) for writing OSGi filters. Here are some Groovy examples of how to use this simple library to construct LDAP style filters: import static org.filter4osgi.builder.FilterBuilder.*def result = and( eq('mailboxName', 'welcome'), eq('lang', 'en'))assert '(&(mailboxName=welcome) (lang=en))' == result.toString()or a more complex example: def result = or( eq('mailboxName', 'welcome'), and( eq('lang', 'de'), eq('mailboxID', '5') ), and( e

Rescle - Command line resource editor for Windows PE format file.

Rescle(RESource Command Line Editor) is not a resource compiler, but poweful tool for Windows application developers. Purposecustomize resource without build i.e. for multi-distribution products FeaturesYou can edit resouces at x86/x64 PE files (EXE/DLL/OCX..). Version Information String Table Manifest Icon Bitmap Cursor Any Binary Limitationsworks on windows only command line interface but you can do it to edit cannot change binary same resource id but language is different digital si

Java-process-builder - Small utility to spawn Java processes from within the Java runtime

This project aims to deliver small API for simple & quick starting of Java subprocesses from within the Java runtime. In Java 5 there was a great utility added to the JDK: java.lang.ProcessBuilder. However this is a generic tool for starting any kind of commands, whereas the java-process-builder builds upon the ProcessBuilder to provide API concentrating strictly on spawning Java processes.

Reverb - Effective Utilities

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The project has been moved to GitHub and this site will be closed by July, 2012. Please follow is effective utilities for special purposes, developed by Eiichiro Uchiumi ( and can be performed on JDK 6 and later Java platform. Reverb is composed of the following parts: Diagnostics java.lang extension Reflection System Time Reverb is used by Jazzmaster project and Acid House project. NewsDec 28, 2010 - Reverb 1.1.1 has been r

Zuip5 - A Z User Interface library for Processing.

zuiP5 is a user interface library for Processing 0148+ ( ... Alle die mal die Bibo testen möchten, können sich den featured Download holen und ihn im sktechbook-Ordner unter libraries entpacken. Es ist eine kleiner HelloWorld!-Sketch ethalten. Infos und Dokumentationen, sowie ein kleines Getting Started gibs auf der Wiki Mainpage ---- Wer schon zu lange auf ein update wartet .. ich schreib schon seit Monaten an einer neuen Version, die dann mit dynamischen Events arbeit

Claudius-alphaworks - Host various tests, mocks and scripts I use at my day to day work.

This project hosts diverse small java projects I develop to help me at my day to day work. There are small alpha software that I want to use, bash scripts, and other softwares the script shows the top java threads, see an example $ 9772 5 PID USER VIRT RES SHR CODE DATA S %CPU %MEM TIME COMMAND 9814 claudio 1452m 55m 7316 4 1.4g S 5.9 0.9 0:00 /opt/jdk/jdk1.7.0_02/bin/java -Xss128k -Xmx1300m -classpath build/web/ 40 99999 1 9801 cl

Fileexplorerxp - Web File Manager (written in PHP) - Administrador de Archivos Web

File Explorer XPCurrent Version 1.75 Web File Manager, written in php Don't require Data Base Easy use Run in PHP 5 Look similar Windows XP Multilingual Support Easy Setup Compress Files with GZ Security Logs Access Data: User: admin Pass: admin Administrador de Archivos Web No requiere base de datos Es fácil de usar Funciona en PHP 5 Tiene aspecto similar Windows XP Multilenguaje Fácil instalación Compresión de archivos con GZ Logs de Seguridad Lang: es | en | it | pt | de