2E Programming Language

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Expression Evaluator (EE, or 2E) -- an embeddable or stand-alone language used to evaluate expressions, includes auto-typed variables, C-like expressoin syntax, in-line conditoinals / in-line conditonal looping, built-in and defined functions.




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Rescle(RESource Command Line Editor) is not a resource compiler, but poweful tool for Windows application developers. Purposecustomize resource without build i.e. for multi-distribution products FeaturesYou can edit resouces at x86/x64 PE files (EXE/DLL/OCX..). Version Information String Table Manifest Icon Bitmap Cursor Any Binary Limitationsworks on windows only command line interface but you can do it to edit update.py cannot change binary same resource id but language is different digital si

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IntroductionThis plugin implements facebook OpenGraph API for products and whole site at all. http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/ WhyI wrote short article describing why is good to use OpenGraph API. http://blog.javaee.cz/2011/02/prestashop-opengraph-module-like.html InstallationInstallation is following best practices in prestashop, so Download .zip file Unzip to <..your-prestashop-folder../modules/>. Install plugin in your modules admin section, is in "seo" tab. Provide your fac

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SummaryThis is a Ruby port of GL Excess (http://www.glexcess.com/), a Paolo Martella's excellent OpenGL demo project. All source codes are available under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. Screenshot, etc.http://sites.google.com/site/ltsevenscore/ruby/glxsruby PrerequisitesRuby Interpreter <http://www.ruby-lang.org/> Version : 1.8 series or higher A 'RubyGems-enabled' Ruby installation required. For Windows : http://rubyforge.org/projects/rubyinstaller/ Make sure whether you

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Jython Console is a Jython Interactive Interpreter that adds Code Completion. Check out the screenshots. Jythonconsole-0.0.7 works with Jython 2.5 Requirements Java Jython Installation Download jythonconsole-0.0.7.zip Unzip the archive Open a terminal or cmd prompt cd jythonconsole-0.0.7 jython console.py Hints <tab> and <enter> choose method completion remember to use the keyboard not the mouse <esc> makes the popup go away 0.0.7 works with Jython 2.5 Fixes  Issue 17 ,  Issue 18  and  Issue 21 

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E-Learning-ToolEntwicklung einer Anwendung, die für praktische Übungen den Tichy-Algorithmus behandelt u.a. zwecks Klausurvorbereitung der Lehrveranstaltung Software Engineering 1 an der UDE. Delta AlgorithmenPrimäre Aufgabe von Delta-Algorithmen ist die Komprimierung von Daten durch geschicktes Datei- bzw. Versionsmanagement. Dabei findet die Art der Komprimierung in Situationen, wie z. B. Speicherung mehrerer Dateiversionen ihre Anwendung (Sommerville 1996, S. 49). Ein sehr bekannter Delta-