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Related Projects

Pyxapian - python libraries around the xapian search engine

IMPORTANT NOTE - this project is no longer being maintained and probably does not work with recent releases of xapian - we recommend that you use the "Xappy" wrappers instead - see A set of platform independent libraries to make indexing and searching information with the Xapian search engine painless and enjoyable. #summary python libraries for the Xapian search engine IntroductionAccording to Fox News, 'Some people say that Python is a excellent programming lang

Vivvo-template-engine - Vivvo Template Engine

Vivvo Template Engine is a light-weight yet powerful template engine written in PHP and completely PREG based. The system is currently v0.9, beta release.It consists of only one highly-optimized object-oriented class, using basic, widely used tags like {if}, {foreach}, {literal}, {include}, {variable}. Its power comes from full support for objects, method calls, arrays and recursive templates.Example usage: Basic template (index.tpl) using recursive inclusion of list.tpl template.Index.tpl:-----

Jdance - Extension to Java´s Swing to decouple the View and Control in a MVC application

The current Swing API is almost entirely row based and Object based. Clearly Swing sode base was based on something that is was not a truly OO based approach. A nice example is the way in which a TableModel communicates with the View and a SelectionModel: they are all row based. The Model itself in this case TableModel only works with java.lang.Object objects. The proposal is to build a layer around the row index and java.lang.Object interfaces using the latest Java technology to drasticly simpl

Vinisrutah - An attempt to model the relationships between various elements in vedic astrology

The goal of the project is to create a framework over which other users can extend upon. This is based on Eclipse Modelling Framework (v2.5) and Java 1.6. The project makes use of Swiss Ephemeris and the Java port created by Thomas Mack. Please refer to for thomas mack's java port. The ephemeris files can be downloaded from The home page for swiss ephemeris is:

Xd-dict - XD Dictionary

IntroductionXD is a simple and Cross-Platform dictionary software written in Qt4. The file format of XD Dictionnary is opened, so if you held any programming skills, you can make custom dictionnay files. XD folder treeWindows version│ xd.exe│ index-creator.exe│ msvcr80.dll│ msvcp80.dll│ QtCore4.dll│ QtGui4.dll│ Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest│ options.ini│ app.ini│├─doc│ readme.txt│ licence.txt│├─dict│ top.index│ bottom.index│ middle.index│ jp-jp_koujien.dic

Aspojo - Parses ActionScript 2.0 classes into Java objects

ASPOJO parses ActionScript 2.0 classes into a rich Java object model for code generation or measurement purposes. Packages, methods, classes, properties, members and javadoc comments (including tags) are all represented on the Java side.Some useful pattern-based classes for traversing the heirarchy are also included.INSTRUCTIONS:Download and add references to all the required Java archives (described below)Edit to point to your Flash intrinsics directory, as wellas any other cl

Javadoc2chm - Compiles javadoc into CHM

What's this?This software generates an HTML Help(CHM) from generic javadoc style API documents. It's a easy way to search something from javadoc with pre-compiled full text index. RequirementsRuby (JRuby enabled) HTML Help Workshop How toIf you have non Shift_JIS Japanese HTML files encoded by EUC-JP or UTF-8(e.g. JDK-ja), copy these files to working directory with converting to Shift_JIS. ru

Android-rome-feed-reader - Android ROME Feed Reader

ROME is an open source Java tool for parsing, generating, and publishing RSS and Atom feeds. Android ROME Feed Reader is a repackaging of ROME so that it works on Android devices. Android 2.1 and earlierPlease be aware that Android 2.2 Froyo does not suffer from these issues. So please do testing on Android 2.1 and earlier to ensure that you do not suffer from these issues. The following fixes work for Android 1.1 and higher. Classloader issueThis fix is necessary for all versions of Android bef

Seepod-lesson-manager - Java application for studying Chinese lessons.

SeePod Lesson Manager is an open source Java application designed to manage lessons. The application includes an MP3 player, PDF reader, Chinese-English dictionary and progress tracking functions. 1. News27 November 2009: will be shutdown in Jan 2010, all files will be available on this Google Code site within a few days. Please adjust your reality accordingly. 2. Quick Start GuideInstallation: The application packages, source code and user guides are all available

Svn-time-lapse-view - Subversion tool for quickly viewing all revisions of a file

SVN Time-Lapse View is a cross-platform viewer that downloads all revisions of a file and lets you scroll through them by dragging a slider. As you scroll, you are shown a visual diff of the current revision and the previous revision. Thus you can see how a file evolved, and you can easily find the revision at which lines appeared, disappeared, or changed. Time-Lapse View is a powerful visual alternative to the Subversion "blame" command. It is inspired by the excellent Time-Lapse View in the Pe