3D Landmark Recognition

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A dataset for landmark recognition based on 3D models.




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Quickpalm - A 3D real-time PALM/STORM image processing plugin for ImageJ

NewsNew video reviewing the homebuilt microscope. Wiki fixed after some issues. Andrew York from Hari Shroff's lab recently released also an excellent open-source algorithm for 3D PALM, check it here or the publication here. Join our mailing list for the latest news and release announcements. About QuickPALMQuickPALM is a set of programs to aid in the acquisition and image analysis of data in “photoactivated localization microscopyâ€� (PALM) and “stochastic optical reconstruction microscopyâ

Inpainting-3dmodel - Inpainting in 3D Models from Single Images

Obtaining 3D models from single image is hard and a fundamental problem in computer vision and finds many uses like scene understanding and robot navigation. One such application is photo tourism, wherein we create a 3D model of famous landmarks from a single view. However tourists, for instance, are unavoidable in such images. So, the 3D models obtained from these images are corrupted with unwanted artifacts from foreground objects like cars or people. The question we pose in this research is t

Xsa-ng - visualization plugin for the x-plane flight simulator

3D visualization plugin for the x-plane flight simulator. Newsbuild 49 released 2/5/2011This release adds some tweaks to the size of the 3D text and glyphs. it is also my first OSX release. Installing the plugin.Download one of the XPL files for your platform. r49 *Windows* r49 *Mac x86* Linux (Coming Soon) Check for, and delete any old copies of the plugin, before copying the new one into place. The file names in the download section will change between versions. Having two or more version of t

Drishti-2 - volume exploration and presentation tool

DrishtiDrishti stands for vision or insight in Sanskrit, an Indian language. Drishti has been developed keeping in mind the end-use : visualizing tomography data, electron-microscopy data, etc. Understanding the data set is important and conveying that understanding to the research community or a lay person is equally important. Drishti is aiming for both. The central idea about Drishti is that the scientists should be able to use it for exploring volumetric datasets as well as use it in present

Symbianmapnavi - The application uses google static API to browse map

MapNavi on Symbian OSIntroductionI recently implemented a small Symbian application which uses Google static map API for navigation. I would like to make it open source and develop it together with those who are interested.I have implemented the browsing feature. Basically user can browse the map by pressing navigation key and also zoom feature is implemented. NewsThe current version is 0.0.1 The current problem that I am encountering is how to use google static API to fetch the nearby places, l