LAMP Application Server

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The LAMPAS project is a combination of common Open Source tools that provides a unified system from where administrators, developers and other parties can manage a large application cluster. The underlying platform is LAMP based.



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FreePBX is the most widely deployed Asterisk based PBX application with over 3 million direct and indirect downloads. It transforms your LAMPA stack into a powerful PBX. See for Forums, Docs, Bug Tracker, Project Site and more.

Voxys - Sistema de CC baseado em *

Sistema desenvolvido para suporte a ContactCenter baseado na plataforma LAMPA.

Multitunneler - A cross-platform python application able to tunnel any ports through a single SSH tu

multitunnelerA cross-platform tool to create multiple tunnels/channels towards a single destination through an SSH tunnel to a single gate. This project was developed as a tool to help development of the AudioSpread project. SummaryThis cross-platform tool creates multiple tunnels/channels towards a single destination through an SSH tunnel to a single gate. The AudioSpread team uses it in house to tunnel connections to MySQL, HTTP, (SVN+)SSH/SFTP, SIP daemons through our university gateway towar

Lampa-vendor - LAMPA Vendor Repository

LAMPA Vendor RepositoryThis is LAMPA vendor repository for locate libs.

Mc-lampa - Multimedialne Centrum, projekt na SWP

Projekt na SWP Autori: Lukáš Chmelař Martin Gam�ík Patrik Kempec

Lampa - Framework LAMPA (Linux, Apache, MySql, Php, Ajax)

Проект разработки Ка�кадное приложени� LAMPA LAMPA Framework(Linux, Apache MySQL, Php, Ajax) Цели: Cоздание ин�трументари� дл� бы�трого разварачивани� веб-проектов любой �ложно�ти на платформе LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php); Создание единого ин�трументари� и формировани� общего подхода к разработке � и�по

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