LAMBDA toolkit

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LAMBDA is a MatLab toolkit that performs multivariate autoregressive first-order data analysis. LAMBDA estimates community interactions using matrix algebra. The target audience is scientists with long-term ecological data.



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Javlov - Reinforcement learning toolkit written in Java

Reinforcement learning toolkit written in Java. News I'm currently (slowly) doing a major rewrite. The plan is to remove the configure grid and continuous worlds and move them to a separate project, and have Javlov itself focus more on the learning algorithms. The rewritten code can be found in the "Javlov1.0" branch; the tabular versions of TD(lambda) and Sarsa(lambda) and the options framework should work. Can't promise that they're stable though (i.e. that I won't change the API). Current fea

Lambda - Unfinished pure Ruby lambda calculus toolkit

Unfinished pure Ruby lambda calculus toolkit

Bt-recordbook - The first record book for reinforcement learning.

The bt-RecordBook is intended to simplify the task of comparing experimental results in reinforcement learning. The idea is simple (details follow) Create a set of open source agents and environments from the reinforcement learning literature. 2. Create a set of experimental specifications (events). 3. Record the results (records) of each agent with a variety of parameters for every event. Once these records have been created, they never need to be duplicated again, by anyone. At the same time,


A toolkit of library-agnostic components for modern JavaScript applications: State Manager, Pub/Sub, Lambda.


ny is a modern c++11 cross-platform gui toolkit. It uses modern c++ features like templates, namespaces, non-trival and type-safe unions, enum classes, lambdas, c++11 concurrency and other new stl features e.g. std::function or std::chrono instead of relying on macros and custom implementations.