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Lagoon is an XML-based framework for web site maintenance. Lagoon build the web content offline. Lagoon is also useful for building HTML based documentation bundles for viewing without a web server.



Related Projects


Lagoon is a simplicity framework that uses the new capabilities of C# to raise the abstraction level of the language. Lagoon makes heavy use of functional, generic, reflective, meta and dynamic techniques to improve the development experience in many areas.

Entropy9 - PyOgre Rapid-Dev version of the Entropy Game Engine

Rapid-Dev version of the entropy game engine. This is designed for super fast development and exploration of ideas to be used in later updates of the engine. Entropy is an update to the previous lagoon engine which in turn dates back to an engine developed to support research done at the University of Nevada, Reno. Entropy is designed to be a development friendly game engine, running mostly on available components in order to support new game-play ideas.

scofl - Secret of Chrono Ogre Final Lagoon

Secret of Chrono Ogre Final Lagoon

JLint - Lagoon Security Java Connector

Lagoon Security Java Connector


pyprocgame demonstration software for the Bally Creature from the Black Lagoon pinball machine.