Linux Audio Converter/Decoder

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Collection of scripts (mp32ogg, mpc2ogg, ape2ogg, ogg2mp3, mpc2mp3, ape2mp3, wma2mp3, wma2ogg, etc) that decode or convert different formats of audio, as mp3, ogg, wav, mpc, wma, ape, etc, for any free format (or same between the listed ones).



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Framvisualizer - A visualizer for FRAM (Functional Resonance Accident Model).

FRAM visualizer is a tool developed to help to model a model or accident with FRAM (Functional Resonance Accident Model). The tool helps to model the FRAM table and to visualize it. The tool was originally developed during a course at Linköpings university by Peppe Bergqvist, Fredrik Gustafsson, Jonas Haraldsson and Gustav Ladén. Screenshot of version 0.1.1 Update 2011-01-13 This project has been discountinued, if you wan't to take over this project, please email and I will arrange it. During

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Argh!? BDD! ARGH!! Mocks?! No. It's ArrBDDA simple yet powerful BDD library for PHP 5Use array & closures. Make it simple. Arr! - This one is often confused with Arrrgh, which is of course the sound you make when you sit on a belaying pin. "Arrr!" can mean, variously, "yes," "I agree," "I'm happy," "I'm enjoying this beer," "My team is going to win it all,"... It's the Pirate lingo, rich and complicated, sort of like a good stew. How'd this fit into da PHP world? Well, of coz' it does! C'mon, la

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asdklj asdlkasdjkl asdjkl adjklasdj lasdjkl lasdkjasdkljadlkjasd kljasdkljasd lkasdj lad sddfsdf sdfsdf sdf

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Latest: New Ideas: To Do: Digital Inputs to work with invisible states. Change MIDI output so we only output data relevant to the Channel Command One day to add a MIDI channel monitor 27/02/2011 26/02/2011 Functions from the bootloader were exported via ASM. It's like a DLL. tehehe. The Assembler Jump Table (placed in the last part of the bootloader)

Sickbeard-myanime - a fork of the sickbeard wich implements anime support

this google project is only used to keep track of the issues that we all come across for more info see: for the source/fork/branch see:

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O projeto se caracteriza pela união de trabalho entre dois laboratórios, GMF e LAD (Laboratório de Arquiteturas Dedicadas) da UFCG, a fim de se conseguir realizar verificação funcional de sistemas de hardware, por uma abordagem formal. Para tanto, o caminho escolhido foi a utilização de redes de Petri para formalizar o sistema e a metodologia VeriSC para verificação funcional.

lad - lad-project