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Intrusion detection / quot;stickyquot; honey pot technology using virtual servers to detect and trap worms, hackers, and other malware.



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Labrea6 - IDS Tarpit Honeypot

LaBrea6is Intrusion detection system (IDS) tarpit honeypot designed for networks based on IPv6 protocol. This project was created as a bachelor's thesis primary for the Center for Information Technology (CIV) at University of West Bohemia for security testing purposes. LaBrea6 is a low interaction honeypot. It's capable of creating a network of virtual hosts. Simulate each host's behavior so that these can attract attackers as viruses worms and other malware. Once the attacker tries to attack th


A fork of 'LaBrea'

labrea - "Sticky" Honeypot and IDS

"Sticky" Honeypot and IDS

labrea - Scripting other people's programs.

Scripting other people's programs.

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