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Portable console-based environment for individual Java-developing.




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Eiger Labs MPMAN GUI Project

GUI (lesstif) frontend program to provide similar functionality that the windows software provides for the Eiger Labs MPMAN F10 amp; F20 portable MP3 players


Visual Studio Lab (VSLab) exploits the power of F# and its interactive top level to provide an interactive environment similar to MatLab and Mathematica, in which you can easily create Add-ins and interact dynamically with them inside Visual Studio. Moreover, since F# is a com...

Evaporative-cooling - Evaporative Cooling Feature Selection for Genetic Association Studies

IntroductionEvaporative cooling (EC) feature selection is a command-line data mining software implementation in Java and Fortran for filtering genetic association data. EC integrates Random Forests and Relief-F attribute importance measures in order to balance independent and interaction effects while removing attributes that are irrelevant to the phenotype. EC has been tested on single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data. For those with access to a cluster, the parallel version of EC will be rel

Flexcn4 - Flex & AS3 & Flash & PHP

下�是�常有用的类库,找到他们的时候我兴奋的�得了 APIs�Libs�Components 1�as3ebaylib http://code.google.com/p/as3ebaylib/ 2�as3youtubelib http://code.google.com/p/as3youtubelib/ 3�as3flickrlib http://code.google.com/p/as3flickrlib/ 4�Yahoo ASTRA Flash Components http://developer.yahoo.com/flash/astra-flash/ 5�facebook-as3 http://code.google.com/p/facebook-as3/ 6�as3awss3lib http://code.google.com/p/as3awss3lib/ 7�Adobe ActionScript 3:resources:apis:libr

Groovylab - groovy classes for math engineering

GroovyLab: Groovy classes for math engineeringGroovyLab is a collection of Groovy classes to provide matlab-like syntax and basic features (linear algebra, 2D/3D plots). It is based on jmathplot and jmatharray libs: Matrix class Plot class Example Groovy codeBasically, it allows to create scripts with matlab-like syntax for Matrices and plots: import static org.math.array.Matrix.*import static org.math.plot.Plot.* def A = rand(10,3) \t\t// random Matrix of 10 rows and 3 columnsdef B = fill(10,3,

Quickpalm - A 3D real-time PALM/STORM image processing plugin for ImageJ

NewsNew video reviewing the homebuilt microscope. Wiki fixed after some issues. Andrew York from Hari Shroff's lab recently released also an excellent open-source algorithm for 3D PALM, check it here or the publication here. Join our mailing list for the latest news and release announcements. About QuickPALMQuickPALM is a set of programs to aid in the acquisition and image analysis of data in “photoactivated localization microscopyâ€� (PALM) and “stochastic optical reconstruction microscopyâ

Agenda2pdf - Generate an agenda file in .pdf format

IntroductionThis program generates a book agenda file in PDF format, ready to be printed or to be loaded on a ebook reader. You can choose among different sections. Each section have pdf links to other parts of the agenda. I've created it for using with my iLiad eBook reader. Btw, I recommend using with ipdf gmt's for editing version. Released under GNU Public License v3 or later. Two screenshots of sample pages: - week page, landscape (option W) - day page, vertical (option d) You can download

Fsdfsffsdfadsfafasfsdfsd - Laborationer för kursen Webbutveckling med PHP

Här kommer jag samla alla mina laborationer för kursen "Webbutveckling med PHP".

Python-on-a-chip - p14p for short.

Welcome! Python-on-a-Chip (p14p) is a project to develop a reduced Python virtual machine (codenamed PyMite) that runs a significant subset of the Python language on microcontrollers without an OS. The other parts of p14p are the device drivers, high-level libraries and other tools. Please join the python-on-a-chip google group to discuss this project. Latest news: 2011/09/26 Mentioned on Leaf Labs blog and then Hack-a-day 2011/03/24 Maillist membership surpasses 256. 2011/03/12 PyCon 2011 Light

Slideshow - A javascript class for Mootools to stream and animate the presentation of images on your

Over 100,000+ Downloads (YAY!)VisionSlideshow is a javascript class for Mootools 1.3 to stream and animate the presentation of images on your website. Slideshow is the result of many trials in code attempting to create a javascript class that was lightweight, unobtrusive, a snap to setup (but also highly configurable), extendable and - built using the javascript framework with the best effects - visually very impressive. Slideshow is open-source with an MIT-style license. If you would like to co