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The L4/Alpha port of the L4 microkernel, currently supports the entire range of Alpha 64-bit processors including the 21064, 21164 and 21264. Multiprocessor support exists for 21264. L4/Alpha is distributed under the GPL.




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Lpantilt - pan or tilt your logitech sphere webcam from python

This is a module for interfacing with the v4l2 pan and tilt controls - as used on the logitech sphere webcams - using python. This module uses cython and ioctl to inject commands. The original goal was to have a commandline interface to pan and tilt in x,y steps and z speed. This will be very easy to create once we have a usable library. The code works as is. But it should be considered alpha stage. I'd like some help to take this further.

Tubedl - Python (PyQt) Video Downloader

Tubedl Nedirtubedl çeşitli video sitelerinden video indirmeniz için küçük bir araçtır. Tubedl 2.0-alpha1 yayınlandı!Alpha1 sürümü yayınlandı, kodları download bölümü veya svn den indirebilirsiniz. deneyip hataları bildirirseniz seviniriz GereksinimlerPython PyQt4 DownloadSVN tar.gz Ekran Görüntüleri

Sensorium - A server that provides access to local temperature, fan speed and voltage sensors from a

Sensorium2 is Sensorium, moved to .NET/mono from Java. Sensorium provides remote access to local PC sensors (temperature, fan speed, voltage, etc.) Current features: Speedfan support on Windows. libsensors (v3.x) support for Linux. Basic UDP server and client. Log4Net logging framework. Version 0.1.0 Alpha is now available. Either check out the source from the repository or get the binary zip from the downloads page. Check the wiki for requirements and configuration instructions. If you want to

Ap5l - Abivia PHP5 Library

A collection of useful library classes written for PHP5. The dominant license is GPLv3, but there may be adaptations of other libraries that require alternative OSS licenses. Check file headers... no licence tag implies GPL v3. If you really need an alternate licence, contact us. This is "pre-Alpha" code, subject to seemingly random refactoring. A good portion of the code is copied from a previous PHP4 library and has not been updated to take advantage of PHP5, or to follow the class naming stan

Messenj - A free, portable and open source messenger

Cos'è MessenJ?MessenJ è un messenger Open Source scritto da noi che, per ora, supporta solo il protocollo MSN. Nella data in cui questo documento è scritto (10/11/09) il programma è in sviluppo Alpha 0.0.01. Cioè significa che il source code è in scrittura. Ci auguriamo di rilasciare una versione beta il più presto possibile. Perchè usare MessenJ?Ovviamente per ora MessenJ avrà poche funzioni. Tuttavia ci auguriamo di renderlo ricco di plug-in e funzioni, magari anche grazie ai nostri c

Mhtvs - Minimal headless tv server for mobile devices + functional channel remote

MINIMAL HEADLESS TV SERVER Some Objectives for this project:Export various media sources to network streams using cvlc Test streaming player options for mobile devices. (rtmp, flash, html5) Test various clients that support buffering media content. Experiment with trans-coding / muxing codec formats. Test secure shell tunneling options (non UDP) for private media streaming. Create multiple channel assignments / frequencies for other regions. ( ivtv-tune -l ) Build web UI's for other media source

Pysozluk-qt - Qt port of pysozluk

Pysözlük-Qt nedir?Pysözlük-Qt, İngilizce-Türkçe çeviri yazılımı olan pysözlük'ün Qt ile yazılmış, biraz daha süslü halidir. İleriki sürümlerde daha fazla sözlük desteği ve kullanışlılığı arttıran özellikler eklenmesi planlanmaktadır. Haberler06-07-2007 - TaşındıkArtık bize sourceforge.net'teki adresimizden ulaşabilir ve son sürümü oradan indirebilirsiniz: http://pysozluk-qt.wiki.sourceforge.net/ 17-06-2007 - 0.1_beta2 YayınlandıArama sırasında arayü

Loginsystem-rd - Login system to prevent XSS, SQL Injection and CSRF

�еобходимо�ть ру��кий переводчик 10-27-2009 Any bugs or vulnerabilities should be reported to security@webloginproject.com. If you have programmed any enhancements, please share those with the community. Make notice to webmaster@webloginproject.com. Versions now include Dansk - Danish, Français - French, Έλληνες - Greek, Deutsch - German, हिन�दी - Hindi, Español - Spanish, Polski - Polish, Ро��ию - Russian, Svenska - Swedish, and of course

Liquid-cdteam - Community Dev Team

CDTeam FroYoMetal V2.75 from Metal dumpBuilt on the Metal dump from paugustineHi everyone! Since the Acer Liquid Metal dump have been released by paugustine (A BIG BIG THANK TO YOU XD) CDTeam made a Metal-based ROM in a very short time. Here the most important features : # Dolby Mobile (still working on it) # New camera app,with better photo & video quality # Breeze Launcher still the same,but faster than the leak's one # Updated apps # Improved speed even with Acer UI # Rooted and Busyboxed # D

Birdsofwar1946 - Birds of War

PROGRAM DEVLOPMENT: ONGOING Welcome to the development home of Birds of War: 1946, provided kindly by Google. The programmer is was born in '87 and living in Ontario, Canada. over a week I am happy to release the first version of Birds of War: 1946. The game is by no means done, but the engine is pretty much there. (Please note that some of the artwork used for this game are the work of Ari Feldman, used under the CPL license. Thanks Ari! If you have any suggestions at all for new features, chan

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