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Lineage 2 Server projects based on L2J but done in C# instead.




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Sharp2word - C#-to-Word Generator: Creates Microsoft Word Documents from C# code without using any c

Table of ContentTable of ContentIntroductionWhen to UseWhen to NOT useSharp2Word is Simple Like ThisDependenciesAll-in-one Example - See everything you can do with Sharp2WordCreating a New Word ElementTemplates with Sharp2WordI Want to Help and Become a CommitterFuture Implementations (to-do list)I Want to Suggest SomethingI want to Report a BugDocumentation IntroductionSharp2Word is Word 2003 XML Documents Generator from C# code without any components or libraries. This is a port of Java2word l

Eggofpanku - Egg of P'an Ku is an online tabletop application for L5R

Egg of P'an KuEgg of P'an Ku is a tabletop application for playing Legend of the Five Rings either in solitary mode, or over the internet with an opponent. The current release version is 0.9.22 and is available here This site will be the new home for a C# port of this project. TechnicalEgg of P'an Ku is a windows application written in Python 2.5. It is currently being ported to C#. This site contains the source code for the C# version. If you are interested in helping with development of the C#

Dotnetkey - Bộ gõ tiếng việt

DotNetKey 3.25.4 Bộ gõ tiếng việt ngôn ngữ C sharp . Chạy trên n�n 32 bit và 64 bit. Yêu cầu : chạy trên win 2000 trở lên và phải cài Framework 2.0 hoặc cao hơn ( từ vista trở lên thì không cần ) Dưới đây là link download : http://dotnetkey.googlecode.com/files/DotNetKey%203.25.4.exe Ưu điểm :+ Gõ tốt trong vista 64 bit ,cái này dùng unikey máy được máy không, xem mấy link sau để rõ hơn : http://vozforums.com/showthread.php?t

Chickhack - A small and "cheep" roguelike game.

You play as a cute little yellow chick. Can you find the fabled Sacred Grove and retrieve the Seed of Life? VersionsThe current version is 1.1.2 released on 20090326. StoryYou are a young chick warrior from your village. A terrible drought has caused all your village's crops to dry up, and there is a risk of famine! So, your village elder asked you to search for the fabled Sacred Grove in the distant mountains, where the Seed of Life is rumoured to lie. Commands Movement keys are like this (wher

Openaxis - opensource project for DIY ps3sixaxis controller interpretation

Update: 10 November 2011So upon my endeavor of implementing Qt as a GUI I determined it would be a lot easier and more efficient to use the Windows API. It may perhaps be more tedious to have the GUI elements how you want, but it just feels more streamline and faster. Some of the major things I finally got working is the function that listens to the controller and captures the reports is in its own thread. The code is in no way complete I just figured I'd post updates as they come along. If anyo

sharp-Syntax - Syntax for C# 2.0 (keywords: C-sharp, C sharp, CSharp)

Syntax for C# 2.0 (keywords: C-sharp, C sharp, CSharp)

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