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Alternative Lineage 2 Game Server written in Java.




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L2jnapoli - L2j Napoli Server

This is an L2j project to have fun with friends on Lineage 2 Game, using OpenSource L2jServer.

Mz-l2j-template - Monsterz L2j Template Project

Script para sites de L2j Server. Private servers, PvPs, Adventures, Low Rates, High Rates. E afins.

L2jsm - Lineage II Server Manager

L2jSM is an program coded in 2 different languages (java server/C# client) both are connected to the Main Lineage II l2jserver.jar and working with it on commands etc.

L2emu - L2EmuProject

Free Lineage 2 Server Files based on Java. If you like us, donate please. From this money we can own our domain, our website and it's a good motivation to us. Donate URL: http://www.l2emuproject.net/ Our home page is http://www.l2emuproject.net