L1j-sirasoni - L1J-JP 한글화

L1J-JP ????? ?????


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GoFigure2 is an open-source, cross-platform application for visualizing, processing and analyzing of multidimensional microscopy data. Users can visualize, segment and track cells through time, detect cell-division and ultimately generate lineages.

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L1-jp - L1-JP

L1-JP Development

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L1j-jp - L1J-JP


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L1j-cn - Localize l1j-jp to Simplified Chinese

Localize l1j-jp to Simplified Chinese

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L1j-jp2 - L1J-JP

l1j-labo rev16(元l1j-jp rev2021)�ら�引継�プロジェクト �関連コミュニティ】 l1j-jp2 Forum:http://bb2.atbb.jp/l1jjp2/index.php ディスカッションや情報共有��打��用 Google Sites:https://sites.google.com/site/l1jjpwiki/ ディスカッション���や編集方法����������Wiki �開発基本方�】 1. 日本�本サー�ー仕様を出�る�り実装�る(日本独自�仕様も�む) 2. 実装済�仕様��調整

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L1j-korea - l1j-kr 한국어 페�지

l1j-kr 한국어 페�지

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Sircancelot-l1j-en - Branch of the L1J-EN Milestone6 code

This project does not intend to provide support for newer episodes of Lineage. It will likely have low activity, and may often contain broken or unfinished content. Its main purpose is for version control and change documentation of my customizations.

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L1j-server - L1J-server


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Project-ui - Lineage English Code

new server development.

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L2packets - C++ Library to work with Lineage II MMORPG game protocol.

Library features: send/receive packets encrypt, decrypt, basic reading/writing packets. Supports T1/T1.5/T2/T2.2/T2.3 (Kamael, Hellbound, Gracia, Gracia part 2, Gracia Final). Language: C++ OS: Windows / Linux Aion support incoming... Library uses some information from L2J Lineage server and L2J-Datapack. Also library uses crypto API from OpenSSL Project and sqlite3 as file-based database engine.

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