L1j-en - Lineage 1 Server Emulation

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IntroductionL1J-En is the active codebase for the L1J-En Lineage Server Emulator (formerly known as lindc). It is an English language port of various L1J variants (mainly L1J-JP), with a reworked database, numerous bugfixes, additional server/database features, and English-translated content. Several servers are using this project as their active codebase. The longest running server currently known (without a wipe) can be found at http://www.westknights.com . LineageDC (and later Lineage Retribution) went down for a while and was restarted but with a blank database. This can be found at http://www.retrib.net The rest of this information only relates to this code repository. Why This Repository ExistsL1J-En is the first (and still the only) open-source repository for English-language Lineage server emulation. Now anyone can download this source, modify it to their liking, and run their own server. See the L1J-En FAQ for more information. Repository AccessRead access is available to everyone. Simply point your favorite SVN client to our repository and start downloading. For help installing the server, see our Setup Wiki. Like the vast majority of open source projects, commit access is available for anyone who requests. To get started, pick a bug off the issues list or one that annoys you while playing on the server, write a fix for it, and send it in. We'll try our best to make helping as easy as possible, as more development help is always needed. Legal InformationNo proprietary information or copyrighted intellectual property are contained in this repository. L1J-En is available under the GNU General Public License Version 3. For more information on the GPLv3, and before using/modifying any code here, please read the full GPLv3 text. As this code is free software, there are no expressed or implied warrantees. We are under no obligations to provide support to any consumers of this codebase. This is a volunteer effort, and our primary goal is to improve the server, not provide user support. That said, if you've read the provided documentation and are still having issues, support can often be found on the LineageDC Forums. Project Owner Contact InfoFeel free to contact tricidt@gmail.com or bm3719@gmail.com with further questions, or try our new google group, http://groups.google.com/group/l1j-en . Current StatusA major upgrade is currently underway to support the latest american client (tikal_antharas_update, or s3ep1). If you want to continue using the epU client, I'd suggest going no further than revision 370. There are no plans at the moment to backport fixes to a server version that will support the epU client. Currently the server is usable and seems pretty stable. We need more widespread testing and reporting of bugs though. A lot changed, we need to be thorough. Currently, as of 6/11/11, it's basically an epU server supporting the ep3s1 client, meaning no new content has been added other than partial support for the new classes. I'll try to mark the revision that we start adding new content for those that would like to keep closer to epU style gaming, but you'll be mostly on your own. Migration isn't possible at this time for established servers. It should be doable and I'll work on a migration script soon to accomplish that, but it wont be as easy as simple sql queries I don't think. Mainly because of the characters table. I haven't tested it at all though so it may be easier than I'm assuming. From tests so far, its migration safe as of revision 462. It was easier than I was assuming




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