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This applet places the current weather information on the KDE Dock. Currently it only shows the temprature and the windspeed. When you right click your mouse over the applet the dialog will give you information on windspeed and direction, temprature.



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Pigeonfeather - A dock application which displays the weather status for a given location

Pigeon Feather is a dock application which displays the weather for a given location and displays a simple weather report. Check out some of the screenshots here ScreenShots It is written in Python and uses PyQt4 and lxml. The icons have been taken from kweather. It is inspired by kweather which at the time of this projects creation had not been ported to kde4. It is known to work well on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. To use Pigeon Feather with Python you can read this document for more details Ge

KWeather - ?? Android ?????????

?? Android ?????????

Weathericon - Live weather information on SpringBoard.

Overlays live weather information on weather icons in iPhone springboard. ConfigurationNOTE: I highly recommend installing iMario's Supreme Preferences. It includes screens for configuring WeatherIcon directly in the iPhone Settings app. By default, the icon uses the first weather location defined in your iPhone's Weather app to load the weather information. You can change this in the preferences. The preferences are located at /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.ashman.WeatherIcon.plist. <?xml