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a key value store integrated with clipboard. inspired by https://github.com/stevenleeg/boo and utilizing http://stashy.codeplex.com




Related Projects

havalo - Non Distributed NoSQL Key Value Store

A zero configuration, non-distributed NoSQL key-value store that runs in any Servlet 3.0 compatible container. With Havalo, simply drop havalo.war into your favorite Servlet 3.0 compatible container and with almost no configuration you'll have access to a fast and lightweight K,V store backed by any local mount point for persistent storage.

Ocache - open cache

Open cache is a K/V cache with index supported.

Kv-blog - blog Asp.net(C#)


Matarinnkaup - Rafrænn matarinnkaupalisti

Verkefnið gengur út að tölvuvæða mánaðarlegan viðburð sem er að skipurleggja kvöldmatinn út mánuðinn og gera innkaupalista.

KV Player

KV Player has been coded and developed solely by me using Windows Presentation Foundation 4.0. It has been coded in C# 4.0 and the UI has been designed in XAML.

Classical-bot - Simple IRC bot for a classical music channel

Simple IRC bot for a classical music channel!nick <name> !last <n> !bwv <code> (Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis - Bach works catalog) !kv <code> (Köchel's Catalog) !chopin <code> (opus catalog) !q (show random quote) !q <pattern> (find quote(s)) !q+ <text> (add new quote) !q- <n> (remove n-th quote)

Webworks-webme - CMS for small businesses

WebME is a CMS written by Webworks, designed for small businesses. The idea behind WebME is that a user would simply create pages and populate them using an RTE (FCKEditor for example). WebME has a plugin architecture which means that adding new functionality to the CMS is simple. Existing plugins include an image gallery, polls and forms. A more uptodate project based on Webworks WebME is available at http://code.google.com/p/kv-webme/


20kv 配网概预算软件

Krai - A PHP5 application framework.

WelcomeKrai Framework (formerly KvFramework) is a framework for developing PHP5 applications using an MVC-like style. It includes a custom, extensible database interface, the beginnings of some markup generators, a not-unsophisticated router for use with mod_rewrite. It also includes servicable input scrubbing by default, an application-level logger, and will eventually provide access to a cache system. Krai Framework just recently achieved its first stable release, version 1.0. Although documen