Kudzu- The new wave of distance learning

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Many schools have began offering distance learning courses. This project is intended to bring all the utilities needed for distance learning courses into one suite. The main program will be a client-server based program that incorporates chat rooms, foru




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Ld48jovoc - A collection of all my games made for LudumDare contests.

IntroductionThis is a collection of all my games made for the LudumDare 48 hour game programming contest, and similar contests like Speedhack and TINS. These games are mostly pretty rough but some are already quite fun. List of Games(bolded entries are the ones in this package) LD22: Aloneasaurus Rex LD21: Escape -- No Entry LD20: It's Dangerous to go alone -- Take This LD19: Discovery -- Planet Thing LD18: Enemies as Weapons -- Iron Reflex LD17: Islands -- Crater Galapagos LD16: Exploration --