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An efficient, lean, Java SOAP library for constrained devices.




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Ksoap2-android - A lightweight and efficient SOAP library for the Android platform.

ksoap2-androidIntroductionThe ksoap2-android project provides a lightweight and efficient SOAP client library for the Android platform. It is a fork of the kSOAP2 library that is tested mostly on the Android platform, but should also work on other platforms using Java libraries. It is still using Java 1.3 so should work fine on JavaME, Blackberry and so on. ksoap2-android has been consistently enhanced and expanded with more features. It is actively maintained and we welcome bug fixes and contri

Smache - A service cache system for mobile devices

A service cache system for mobile devices,which contains a service register proxy, a service cache server, a cache layer for android applications and a ksoap2 code generator. Smache also implements the cache semantic description support.

Mobile-tools - Provides various samples midlets to help development with J2ME.

Provides various samples midlets to help development with J2ME. e.g. midlets accessing Web Services with kSOAP over SOAP protocol, midlets working with bluetooth, samples with location API and another others cases. If you have a sample code, contribute.

Wsdl2ksoap - Creates Android compatible Java code using the kSoap library from a Web Service wsdl

This project is a GUI based application to create valid ksoap based classes from WSDL metedata that is compatible with the Android platform. The project uses Netbeans for development, due the ease of GUI development, though this may change further down the line. Working: Creation of Java Classes from .Net asmx WebServices Generated Code compiles Calling of functions without complex type parameters Complex type retrieval from funtion responses Complex types responses with array properties Unteste

Sugadroid - SugaDroid is an Android application that aims at accessing SugarCRM content.

SugaDroid is a mobile application that supports some of the SugarCRM features, retrieving the informations through a Web Services API. SugaDroid currently displays the contacts, accounts and meetings that you have filled in SugarCRM. A video demonstration

Godl-ik-e - Webservice + Clients zur Administration von Windows + Linux Clients

In diesem Repository wird hauptsächlich für das Projekt JWebmin entwickelt. Dieses Projekt besteht aus 3 Teilen: Webservice Webgui Android App WebserviceDer Webservice besteht aus einer Sammlung von Java-Klassen die einen Zugriff auf das darunter liegende System ermöglichen. Entwickelt wird der Webservice unter dem Namen JWebminWebservice als Eclipse-Projekt. Jaxws ist die Wahl der Webservice Plattform. Bei der Entwicklung wird das Projekt auf dem Tomcat 7 - Servletcontainer getestet. WebguiD

Data-collector - Collect Data and post it to the web server

The aim of the project is to use google's API ksoap2 for communicating with the web services. In this project, we are trying to communicate with the mysql database on the server side from the client application side.

Morc - Client-Server friends network

morc's aim is to implement a simple friends network, in which the users may easily interact with its contacts. The morc project is defined by a client and a server. The first aims for cellphones (which support J2ME Virtual Machine and have an available connection to the internet), and the latter might run on most PC's(considering its configuration requirements).

Wsrf4j2me - Implementation of the Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF) for J2ME

wsrf4j2me is an implementation of the Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF) for the Java 2 Microedition (J2ME). It is built on top of the ksoap2 API.It has been developed with the intent to allow direct access to Grid Web Services (see http://globus.org/toolkit/docs/4.0/common/key/index.html#s-key-overview).The Web Services Resource Framework consists of the following Web Services specifications: * WS-Resource * WS-ResourceProperties * WS-ResourceLifetime * WS-ServiceGroup * WS-BaseFaultsIn add

Droidsoapclient - A simple soap client for Android

DroidSoapclient facilitates the development of Android applications that communicate with Web Services. Used in conjunction with the tool KSOAP2, developer you will not have much more work. Enjoy and contribute. A example: /*Follow the method "soma" in Servico.jws published in AXIS: * \tpublic class Servico {\t\t\tpublic String soma(int valor1, int valor2) {\t\t\t\tint result = valor1 + valor2;\t\t\treturn String.valueOf(result);\t\t\t} \t}*/package br.com.android;import br.com.android.webservic