kses - PHP HTML/XHTML filter

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kses is an HTML/XHTML filter written in PHP. It removes all unwanted HTML elements and attributes, and it also does several checks on attribute values. kses can be used to avoid Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). NOTE: I don't have time for kses right now..




Related Projects

Htmlfilter - Python module for HTML/XHTML filtering

This python module allows developers to control which html tags and attributes should appear in an arbitrary string. It's port of PHP kses library for Python.

PHP Web Toolkit

The PHP Web Toolkit enables the rapid development of multi-layered web applications and is designed to be easy to use, extensible, reliable, reusable, scalable and secure. It integrates with ADOdb, FCKeditor, kses, Libmcrypt, Libmhash and Smarty.

kses - A clone of kses project - a php (x)html filter

A clone of kses project - a php (x)html filter


A drop in replacement for KSES on WordPress using htmlLawed to aggressively enforce semantic, valid output (even against Microsoft Word)


Adds the <code>unfiltered_html</code> capablitiy to Administrators and Editors so that content posted by users with those roles is not filtered by KSES; Embeds, Iframe, etc. are preserved. <strong>Note</strong>: If for any reason the <code>unfiltered_html</code> capability is ever lost, simply deactivate, and then reactivate this plugin.