Affine cipher school project

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Affine cipher crypt with block = 10



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Uberemulator - uberEmulator R53+

uberEmulator, originally written by Meth0d (Roy), I (Kryptos) will be developing uberEmulator, it will be Open Source. Check the site constantly so you can watch all the updates. uberEmulator was written by Meth0d (Roy) from scratch. uberEmulator is written in C# .NET using the .NET 4.0 Framework. NOTE: This is NOT the Official Development. - Kryptos


The Kryptos Project began at George Mason University. The idea was to develop educational software that could be used to further break down and study different aspects of the implementation of cryptography.

Krypto2 - FMFI UK - poznamky k prednaske z krypto 2

Prestahovane na

Projectnitriumcoder - Project Nitrium Coder

Project Nitrium Coder is an application for developers of MapleStory private servers. This app is rebuilt from the Easy NPC Scripter(FiddleNPCs) source code. This app was created by the same creator of FiddleNPCs. The aim of this app is to help other people create multi-tasked NPCs. It has full support for all Odin-based private servers (eg. BubbleDev,ShootSource,OdinTeh,KryptoDev,ArberBSource) This is an OPEN SOURCE project and is totally free. Source Code is supplied for a small fee of 1000$!

Bfcrypt-scanner - Open source crypto scanner

There are several existing crypto scanners, but they are all for Windows, and are closed source: PEiD with the Krypto Analyzer (KANAL) plugin IDA Pro with the Findcrypt plugin OllyDbg with the SnD Crypto Scanner x3chun's Crypto Searcher Keygener Assistant Hash & Crypto Detector (HCD) Draft Crypto Analyzer (DRACA) As I needed a tool for analyzing firmware images under Linux, I've started coding my own, called bfcrypt and available under the GPLv2 license.

Kryptos - My Attempty at Solving the CIA Kryptos Puzzles

My Attempty at Solving the CIA Kryptos Puzzles


A Krypto clone for Android